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Our shipment arrived last week and we managed to get most of the 118 boxes unpacked the same day, although there are still a few left in the garage. It was very exciting:

“Husband, look what I found!”

“Er. A potato peeler?”


It was wonderful to have our stuff and the place is starting to feel like home. Nearly everything arrived in one piece, although Husband’s builders bum has a big crack in the middle. (Please believe me when I say how sincerely, earnestly and very deeply sorry I am about that pun.)

We spent an afternoon removing the European two- and three-pin plugs from our electrical appliances and refitting them with NZS 3112 plugs. Husband ran the detachment and wire preparation line, while I screwed on the plugs. Who knew we had so many electrical gadgets? There were about 10 kitchen appliances, 8 types of charger, 5 computers/printers and 5 for Husband’s projector and stereo system and we’re still coming across things we missed.

Some time later:

“Alright,” roared Husband holding up a computer power cord, “who’s responsible for THIS?”

The cord featured a NZS 3112 plug on one end . . . and a European three-pin on the other


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