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Aging chafes

Last night, Husband tested his new car stereo at maximum volume as we drove down Henderson Valley Road. It blew off my clothes and tossed my hair around. The thrumming passenger seat whipped me into a nympohmaniacal frenzy.

I’m sure that would be entirely true if I were 10 years younger with a full supply of oestrogen. Also, had James Brown or Lenny Kravitz been playing rather than Moby.

Reality = the passenger seat chafed a bit 😦


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  1. deadlyjelly said:

    As research for writing this post, I asked Andrew:-

    “What recording artist do you associate with sex? Like James Brown, but not James Brown.”

    “Don’t know.”

    (You will be glad to hear Andrew is not my usual resource for research.)

    “Come on; Rolling Stones? Meh. Most of the heavy rock bands are about sex but too hardcore. What sort of music makes you think of luuurve?”

    “Tom Jones?”

    “Ugh and double ugh! The only thing Tom Jones makes me want to do is throw up. Repeatedly.”

    “Better remember that when I want to get you in the mood.”

  2. I can one up Andrews “Tom Jones”.
    Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”


  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Woah! You’ve just taken this to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. I always liked the way Robert Palmer provided instruction manuals to accompany his songs:-

    Now THAT is how to wriggle, my friend

  4. His lyrics are soooooo sublime tho .

    “She’s so fine – there’s no telling where the money went.” or
    “Doctor Doctor give me the news, I’ve got a bad case of loving you”.

    Always an artist to have a guaranteed line to use on the ladies, although in the case of his song “Addicted to Love” he maybe somewhat confused over the emotion at hand 🙂

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    I’ll grant you sublime on the first lyric, but ‘cheesy’ would be my choice of description for the second 😀

    As a girlie, I found RP ungrippingly sleazy. You can just imagine him propped on a barstool in a club with his legs at 180 degrees, winking at the talent and wearing far too much aftershave

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