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My contract from Little Black Dress has come through. It has been four weeks since My Agent advised me of the offer and I was starting to get a bit twitchy. Being an ex-Project Manager Writer, I can vividly imagine worst case scenarios – and frequently do.

For example, what if Little Black Dress had confused me with someone who could write? What if they reread my manuscript and thought it was a pile of crap? What if they were not mistaken? What if Little Black Dress was a fictional company set up to fool me into becoming carrier host to a special type of hybrid blood for the purpose of cloning a generation of super-aliens with plans for world domination?

Just had a great idea for the plot of my next book – gotta dash

Comments on: "Warp" (5)

  1. Was starting to worry about the lack of SciFi on this blog.
    Was beginning to suspect you weren’t the geek you professed to being when we first met
    Live long… and prosper… 🙂

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    You know, Andrew and I took a geek test once . . . ok I admit, I took Andrew’s test on his behalf, which probably tells you more than the test itself. ANYWAY, turns out I’m more a geek than Andrew. Can you believe it? I couldn’t. The test was flawed

  3. Then I also must be flawed, as I agree.

    P.S. Was really impressed with you Star wars figurine set – especially the limited edition Darth Vader complete with the “green” lightsaber, not to mention the mint Boba Fett !

    Thought wearing your head in the style of Princess Leia was a bit over the top tho…. 🙂

  4. Zube said:

    i think your sci fi plot is arse but it made me think of one

    what if:

    aliens decide to invade earth …

    by entering people’s consciousness and taking them over

    unfortunately the person they try to invade is paranoid and delusional (probably due to LSD or something) and is convinced he lives on a street where all his neighbours are famous characters from classic books

    i figure you pick a classic you know and use that for the main thrust of the action…. you would need to pick one that had a winning end situation that would essentially defeat the aliens…

    You could use a load of fave books for the chars… and one for the action

    maybe Game Players of Titan would do for the action

    in that the hero defeats the mind reading game players by never looking at his cards.


  5. deadlyjelly said:

    WOAH! Your mind is a freaky hang-out.

    I like it

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