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You should always order your codpiece from a reputable store, such as or Real Armor of God provides a guide to using and caring for your codpiece, which is especially handy for first-time users; see

Always check the washing instructions before purchasing a codpiece. You don’t want to find out on delivery that it’s dry clean only. Not only is it costly, dry cleaning may also result in shrinkage and itching.

Most modern codpieces are manufactured in leather, PVC and/or treated latex. These tend to be soft and designed for minimal chafing, except in rare cases where – for example – you’re doing lunges. Chafing is also a side-effect of high-kicking, but depending on the vigour, the codpiece is normally kicked off before any serious injury occurs.

As a side note, you should be aware that most of these materials – especially treated latex – are highly flammable. Believe me: chafing will be the LEAST of your problems if you set fire to your codpiece.

If you have chosen the right size, you should have no issues with comfort, although you might wish to consult a psychologist.


If the area is inflamed, swelling will go down with the regular application of hairspray. Persistent aggravation may result in nerve damage


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  1. More worrying is how you find this stuff?
    Researching a new book? – Yeah right ! 🙂

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I made it all up – I’m a fiction writer

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