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Off to the Bay of Plenty – or it could be the Bay of Islands. I always get confused between the two. One has lots of stuff and the other has islands, I presume. I don’t really know because I’m not sure I’ve visited either place. If there are plenty of islands, I’ll be eternally confused – although that might be the case either which way


Comments on: "Eternally confused" (2)

  1. So what was it my friend? Bay of Plenty, Bay of Islands, or Bay of Plenty of Islands?

    Either way, one hopes you managed to kill and eat your very own Dolphin whilst on holiday. It is a great New Zealand tradition after all. In a disturbing trend it now appears the animals may be starting to fight back. Wipe them out I say! Agressive little fuckers;

    I know that your vegetarian status would possibly deter you from the braised kiwi drumsticks in port jus*, so I hope the fish was fine and dandy 🙂

    * tastes like chicken

    Must catch up soon for stories of your great adventure.
    Lashings of ginger beer too – eh wot!

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    If it’s in the Irish Independent it’s got to be true!

    I don’t kill and/or eat anything, because I have a husband who does it for me. There are so many ways that sentence can be interpreted. I wish I could reproduce the effect, but regrettably it was completely unintentional

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