The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

I keep an eye on my blog stats because it’s still a novelty. The majority of visitors are friends and family. However, some people visit Deadlyjelly having been referred from other sites – mainly links from Bookshed members’ sites and MarkJ’s blog. And some people stumble mistakenly upon Deadlyjelly while looking for the bathroom or quality porn – or possibly both – as a result of Internet searches.

Here, for those of you who are interested, are some of the search terms that apparently throw up Deadlyjelly:-

disturbing images (a daily search term; I can only imagine my photos are something of a let-down)

what is right hand rule and give way in new Zealand (nice to think Deadlyjelly fulfils a public service)

liv tyler (since yesterday)

jellyfish procreation

irina spalko arse

sweaty man

demon lord

pointy bra


nutmeg in dubai spinneys

tic infestation (my heart goes out to this poor soul)

leather codpiece (but not this one)

קיווי עץ (what the frig?)

christopher howard rubbish

rodeo laundry advertising (anyone know what a rodeo laundry is?)

andrew chute (sounds like fun)

best advertising in New Zealand (another disappointment)

dum dum dum doobie

doobie dumb dumb song

doobie do dum dum (why don’t they just search ‘Frank Sinatra’?)

what’s the name of the song it goes dum (FRANK SINATRA!)

sixties music about suicide

cutting holes in stereo cabinet

(A quite alarming number of people seeking information on) the seekers


Comments on: "What’s the name of the song it goes dum" (3)

  1. Cant see you liking the Seekers – It’s just so … well .. WRONG actually

    I mean – Niamh tearing up to the Carnival is Over …

    Sure, over a spilt glass of wine maybe, but the love of Pierrot and Columbine ????

    Still, people can surprise you I guess 🙂

  2. Cian said:

    Don’t you hate it when people drag up old posts and post crappy comments?

    Well may I refer you to New Years Resolution number 4.
    – “Show appreciation to stalkers”, before hating it.

    So I have a fasintation with google searches – well vet really is responsible for that and since you introduced me to his blog, you’re kind of responsible really. Some of his are too funny. I get a kick out of seeing what people are searching for. So any chance of an update post on what people are searching for when they find you?

    Before you say Bugger Off may I again refer you to New Years Resolution number 4.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Yes. No. I’m not sure. Naturally, I aim to please, but in this instance I don’t know where the target is. Should I love or hate it? What?

    I have no objection to people dragging up old posts, although I hate crappy comments. So you might say it’s a love/hate thing.

    However, in relation to your request, I will jump to it immediately.


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