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Husband left me on Friday.

Sorry to be so megalodramatic. It’s just a three week business trip to Dubai, but I am surprised how aimless I feel. I got a bit soggy at the airport. If the floor hadn’t been dirty, I would have thrown my arms about Husband’s legs and begged him to stay.

If this all sounds pathetically codependent – hey, I’m not about to argue. In my defence, Husband and I have lived and worked together every day for the last six months. He comes grocery shopping with me and entices me into Mitre 10. Joint decisions include whether to put on another jumper. We schedule summit meetings on what to cook for dinner. So is it surprising that my universe features a great, big, silent Husband-shaped hole? Or that I’m a bit chilly?

I haven’t yet resorted to sniffing his clothes, but I have a fleece top on emergency standby. It harbours three weeks of Husband’s skin cells.

(On second thought I might put that in the wash.)

The only way I can fully express myself is via the medium of dance, which is what I did at Fairy Falls yesterday. I think this covers how I feel about my husband, whilst also conveying my longing, anguish and despair:-


Comments on: "Husband shaped hole in the universe" (6)

  1. You’re definitely channeling David Byrne – see 12 seconds into this clip.
    Actually strike that – run the youtube clip in another window and watch your animated clip at the same time.
    Classic Niamh 🙂

  2. Oops here’s the clip

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Exactly! But you have to agree I have better choreography

  4. “Have” to agree?
    Cheque in the post? 🙂

    Am now on a “Talking Heads” bender – so loving “Once in a Lifetime” and “Burning Down the House”. All thanks to you – obviously !

  5. Allan&Chanelle&Jack said:

    Hey Niamhie-No-Mates 🙂

    Well after ScottyJ mentioned the existence of your blog over a beer yesterday, thought I might have a looksie. Okay, to fess up, Chanelle and I were bored shitless and we’re both sick so had nothing better to do today! 😉 After half of day of reading your’s and ‘Drew’s life stories plastered all over the internet we have to admit there’s been some “interesting” and funny events in the past. It’s good to see what you guys have been up to as ‘Drew sure as hell never told us anything!!! I guess it’s been hard to keep in touch since we’ve all been so damn busy of late. Never the less, we must catch up again one of these days, either down in the Deep South or perhaps even up in Jaffaland if we ever make it up that way. We just missed out on some cheap flights this morning so we almost made it there.

    So why didn’t you go to Dubai with Hubster???

    Take care
    Al & Chanelle & little Jack

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    Well hello there! Great to hear from you and thrilled you made your way to deadlyjelly. Definitely have to hook up with you guys next time we’re in South Island. I’m still waiting on Husband to confirm dates, so I’ll probably only know for sure the day we fly. Possibly sometime in August. As you can see, he doesn’t tell me anything either, so don’t feel bad 😀

    I didn’t accompany Husband in part because we’re both going back in September, but largely because the cost of flights gave me palpitations. Anyway, it sounds like Andrew’s working too hard to be much fun 🙂


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