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Feeling a bit morose today. I’m really missing Husband.

I’m trying to focus on the positive. The place doesn’t smell of engine oil or burnt metal. Pens don’t mysteriously disappear when my back is turned. The bathroom sink is a bristle-free zone. And I’m still enjoying the ‘me’ time, my own space to do what I want when I want, play with my Yin and Yang, tickle my inner child, watch ‘Stargate’ with the sidelight on, let my imagination run wild and free, cook lentils and Thai food, cycle everywhere.

It’s just that I wish Husband were here to share it, is all.

And I kind of miss the smell of engine oil


Comments on: "Missing that vague singed aroma" (6)

  1. You should have come down to the good old S.I.

    Hope on a plane to Queenstown Niamh
    I’m sure you can fart and belch with the best of us.
    I’m just worried your cussing wont be up to it.

    Then again – Sunday will be here before you know it 🙂

    Keep in touch via email – I can cheer you up long distance 🙂

  2. Sorry to read you’re missing the smelly boy.

    You probably should have gone with Mark and taken up his cussing challenge. That would have served him right and I would have enjoyed detailed emails on how one might order in a posh restaurant when trying to outcuss Mark … who doesn’t really cuss at all, who in fact has be shown to have rather nice manners.

    Dusting off her hands, Di leaves the room.

  3. Nice manners!!! – now that’s just hitting below the belt Di

  4. Hehehehehehe.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Wow, that was CRUEL.

    But really kinda awesome

  6. Well sometimes … it’s necessary.

    He really got away on me with the ‘Dead Like Me’ comments … on my blog, no less.

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