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Mean spirit

Husband: So what have you been up to today?

Me: I’ve been doing a spot of maintenance.

Husband: Really?

Me: Well, you know how the washing machine was getting stuck on the spin cycle?

Husband: Yeah. You called Fisher and Paykel?

Me: No. Well, I tried running a cycle with no clothes, like you suggested. And I noticed the drum was turning, but there was no water coming. So I’m thinking, gosh, it’s REALLY poked, junky piece of Kiwi manufactured crap-

Husband: No water?

Me: Yeah. So I thought I’d better check the water supply – and IT WAS TURNED OFF.

Husband: Really? How did that happen?

Me: Well, I, er. See, the thing is, when I turned off the water blaster hose the other day, it seems I might have accidentally turned off the supply to the washing machine instead by mistake in error.

Husband: So hang on; you fixed the washing machine that you broke in the first place?

Me: Ok, now you’re just being nasty. Does it matter HOW it got broken?

Husband: I would say so, yes


Comments on: "Mean spirit" (5)

  1. You didn’t mention your further genius by fixing the espresso machine.

  2. Kiwi blokes … tsk tsk tsk, an unappreciative lot.

    You know, I once fixed the starter motor in the car.
    I thought I would just turn that ‘thing’ one more time and ‘snap!’ it broke off.

    My husband was unappreciative.
    It’s better now I have a Belgian bloke, although he did sell the car recently.

    I can be the cautionary tale you tell him regarding the fate of unappreciative husbands … and let me know if you need a nice Flemish man instead 😉

    I’ll say no more.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    ALT: do I detect a faint vein of sarcasm?? :-O Please note Di’s cautionary tale above

    Di: he IS unappreciative . . . but I need him to fix my laptop which is poked 😀

  4. The laptop … okay, I can see how he could win many points for that.

    Actually, I too like my men to be able to fix my computers and would choose that over an expensive diamond actually. Both husbands have been grand at that 🙂 Clever me.

  5. Anonymous said:

    The whole DIY thing is quite sexy. Apart from oily fingerprints on my underwear. Not so keen on that

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