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I’m picking up Husband at the airport this afternoon. Only 239 minutes to go! 

Only 238 minutes to go! 

Only 237 minutes to go! 

236 minutes!


Ok, it didn’t seem like that much, but it’s actually longer than I thought


Comments on: "Only 240 minutes to go!" (4)

  1. It suddenly feels like Christmas Day. One can only imagine your smile.
    Hope to see you guys after the 25th, although it sounds like we might be passing each other in our respective flights (me north – you guys south).
    Have a lovely day, and welcome home Andrew 🙂

  2. That is tooooooooooooo cute.

    You’re going south?? Where?

  3. Don’t worry Di – Now Hunkahubby’s back we can expect Niamh to be back to her “take the piss” best. I’m looking forward to her next post.

  4. You must be a slow typist. What is that 5 words per minute.

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