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Something I forgot to mention about dinner at El Knobbo’s. It didn’t really conform to the theme of my last post in either subject matter or tone – although that has never stopped me before.

After dessert, El Knobbo and Dan got out their Nintendo Wii. As post-dinner entertainment goes, it made a nice change from El Knobbo head-butting the ceiling.

For gaming virgins, the Nintendo Wii is like a Playstation, but with psychotic rabbits and a handset control that senses movement in three dimensions. For example, you can move the handset like a racquet and play virtual tennis.

When the games load, a message appears advising the player to exercise caution when playing, ensure room for movement, and avoid hitting their opponent in the real world. Apparently, people have been known to fling their handset through the tv screen whilst flailing uncoordinatedly around their living room. If Nintendo doesn’t have shares in Panasonic, they really should.

We were playing a game whose objective was to knock over stacked boxes by throwing virtual balls at them, and I was absolutely SPANKING Husband. As I lined up the winning shot and he sensed victory slip inexorably from his grasp, Husband tickled me.

Never breaking concentration, I hurled him off the end of the sofa. He hit his head off the patio door as he fell to the floor.

I fired the winning shot, and-

“YES!” I screamed, leaping up and punching the air. I performed a victory pirouette, which was when I noticed everyone had fallen silent.

So I didn’t tell them I was actually trying to throw Husband through the glass door.

It’s not a good idea to mess with my killer instinct


Comments on: "Don’t mess with the killer instinct" (1)

  1. He should have known … foolish boy. I wouldn’t have done the tickling thing … no nono. Mark wouldn’t have either eh.

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