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Sorry about the blogpost famine. Husband and I left Auckland for Dubai on Wednesday afternoon. It has been three and a quarter days of intense socialising and administration. I got in some swimming along the beach on Friday and Saturday morning; only 1000m, which was quite enough considering I haven’t swum since leaving Dubai last December, apart from the occasional skinny-dip in the Fairy Falls pools which hardly counts. Seems I’ve forgotten how to float.

I discarded Husband and flew to London solo yesterday. Dinner with Róisín’s fiancé Tim last night, coffee with her dad this morning; I haven’t seen much of Róis, but she has such great taste in fiancés and family it hardly matters.

It’s all go, but I hope to get back in the blog groove tomorrow


Comments on: "Great taste in family" (4)

  1. Just ‘Oh Wow!’ and ‘travel safe’ and have the very best time … we’re almost neighbours now.

  2. Better lock your windows and doors Di 🙂

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    I’m feeling very European. Still belting around catching up with people and fighting jetlag, but hope it’ll ease off in the next couple of days. I see you’ve been busy yourself!

  4. Indeed I have. Hey, party at our place 4 October … come on over.

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