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Reign of terror

The battle was long and arduous. At least one of us was in tears at any given moment, and I’m sorry to say that most of the time it was me. I had experience and physical presence, but she had guile and stamina.

She was focussed and absolutely remorseless, employing a wide range of tactical manoeuvres. They were always unpredictable, pitiless, and admirably devious. She used all resources to hand, and many that weren’t. She demonstrated an impeccable line in psychological torture.

She played a flawless game of strategy and cunning; a worthy opponent indeed. I emerged victorious only after I threatened to dismember her teddy bear.

It’s not easy putting a four year old to bed

Comments on: "Reign of terror" (3)

  1. I love this! I can (all too readily) identify with these feelings!

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I’m still traumatised three hours later! Respect.

  3. When my little grrrl was four, bedtime was easy. She loved to go to bed. Our battles of will were always fought in the bathroom where hysteria would ensue when I insisted she wipe her own bottom.

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