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Sorry about the paucity of blog posts. Husband and I left Kenmare last Wednesday on our Great Road Trip, and it’s been all go, top gear, maximum throttle. First up was Róisín and Tim’s wedding on 16th.

I will write more about the great event later, but for now, this short post is dedicated to my buddy JohnO and here’s why:

Kylie Minogue’s stylist did the bridal party’s hair and makeup. That’s right: KYLIE’S STYLIST. I have been touched by the hand that spritzed hairspray over Kylie’s elfin crop. I have rubbed elbows with the elbow that has possibly accidentally grazed Kylie’s arse when she bent to retrieve a dropped hairbrush or tube of lipgloss who knows how many times?

The reason I’m dedicating this post to JohnO is because he has a mild to severe fetish about Kylie’s bottom. That would be mild when it’s under a skirt, and severe when skimpily presented in sequinned hotpants.

JohnO: Kylie’s Stylist reported that Kylie’s arse is EVEN BETTER IN REAL LIFE than it is in photoshop. Oh, yes. She said that sometimes she feels an overwhelming urge to nuzzle it.

Actually, she didn’t at all. But I asked her whether sometimes she wanted to nuzzle it, because I knew you would have been bitterly disappointed if I hadn’t.

Kylie’s Stylist just looked at me as if I were a one-woman freakshow. But I could tell by her face that she totally wanted to, all the time

The image colour was rubbish, hence the photo in black and white, which makes it look marginally better. Also, I’ve realised I look better in black and white – well, black anyway. As you can see, Kylie’s Stylist’s Magic worked better on Róis than me


Comments on: "Got to be less than two degrees of separation" (4)

  1. Nice to see a new post Niamh – I was worried you guys were never coming back 🙂

  2. Johno said:

    Wow! Kudos to you sweetie. Thanks for asking about nuzzling up to those lovely cheeks – sigh.

    Gamine, eh. Nice word. According to one definition that is a playful and mischievous young woman. Is that you or Kylie? Or both. Gah, dont get me thinking along those lines!

    Hey. I have just made my first posting on your blog (on any blog). I am feeling very pleased with myself.

    Anyway, hurray back to NZ. Summer is almost here and we miss you and your Southern Man (I have some seriously blokey projects to discuss).

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Hey MJ, I know, I know, I know . . . very slack. Returning to some normalcy day after tomorrow. At the moment, I’m sitting in a hotel lobby wondering whether it would be inexcusable to have breakfast without waiting for Andrew to finish his shower?

    JohnO, kudos to you for blog posting! No problem at all with the nuzzle question; least I could do since I doubt I’ll ever meet Kylie’s Stylist again. However, Roisin is a friend of hers, so if there are any other questions you have that don’t plumb new depths of filth and/or antisocial acceptability, feel free to pass them on

  4. […] Kylie’s Stylist spent about an hour gathering up Róisín’s hair and coiling strands into a fabulous confection at the back. It would have taken less time, except that every time Kylie’s Stylist was poised to pin a painstakingly twisted curl into place, Róis tossed her head around. […]

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