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Unfortunately, I missed the Ireland v All Blacks rugby match this afternoon. I was barricaded in bed staving off flu symptoms with a hot water bottle, three packs of Strepsils and a heavy book.

Later, I followed the scent of food to the kitchen, where Ceara was eating her dinner. By the sink, Grampa discussed the Ireland v All Blacks match with Granna-V.

Me: Who won?

Ceara: Eh. It was a VERY scrappy game <shaking head sorrowfully>

Me: Really?

Ceara: Yes. Every time the Irish approached the line, de udder team took them out. They just never found their feet <big sigh>

Me: So you watched the game?

Ceara: No


Comments on: "Post match analysis by Ceara, age 5" (9)

  1. 10/10 for the crowd support. The Irish fans ROCKED!
    We could learn a lot from their example

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Yeah, I caught the highlights on the News later, and the roar from the crowd as the All-Blacks hak’d (is there a verb describing ‘doing the haka’?) sent chills through me. Or that might have been the flu

  3. Did either of you watch to the end? Was pretty quite in the 78th minute, in fact I think half the crowd had gone home (or to the pub) by that time.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Irish supporters never go home.

    Although they might go to the pub, admittedly

  5. Hi Andrew.

    Talk back radio was rife with praise for the the “sportsmanlike” nature of the Irish fans.

    I remember watching the Irish play the All Blacks at the “brook” back when I lived in Dunoz. The All Blacks were booed by the locals when they came on the field (no Otago players, and positions dominated by the north island teams). Half way through what was a boring game – the terrace NZ crowd started to cheer on the Irish in the hopes of a long awaited Irish win. The game changed in an instant as the crowd changed side and urged to Irish on – God it was exciting – and the buggers almost did it too.

    Fond memories of that game – for all the wrong reasons I guess. The Irish will always have my support in their home nation battles 🙂

  6. Well, for me, it could possibly end up be about me supporting the very very drop dead yummy accent of the irish.

    An irishman speaks to me and I quiver some … it’s terrible. Lucky I didn’t come visit you Ms Deadlyjelly. I could imagine the ‘pull-yourself-together’slappings you’d be giving me.

  7. deadlyjelly said:

    It is great being Irish, all right

  8. Hmmm, the Irish language theme, must drop it. The Italians, French and oddly enough, Belgians get to me too, with their cute accents. I guess that’s what comes of growing up without one … just this really normal New Zealand thing that I drag about from country to country, understood by pretty much no one.

  9. Anonymous said:


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