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Flying out this morning. It’s been a crazy few days in Dubai. Think sanity still intact, but dented in a couple of spots. Back to normal front line reporting from Monday x


Comments on: "Practically airborne" (6)

  1. Ya snooze ya lose Woman Wandering – lunch on Sunday at the Flax Cafe.



  2. Okay old guy … you win.
    Don’t forget the zimmerframe though and don’t overdo it. 😉

  3. Lunch was grand, as expected – as was the company.

    As the conversation shifted to “the continent” I could have sworn I heard someone say “Di who?”, but then again it could have just been the wind carrying the sound of the cicadas to Piha for a swim.

    P.S Zimmer frame comment cut me deep Di 🙂

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Was this before I said, “Aw yeh, Di and I spoke on the phone when I was in Ireland, she totally rocks”? Or after I said, “Stop waving that zimmerframe around, you could take someone’s eye out”? 😀

  5. You are absolutely no fun at all Ms Jelly ! 🙂

  6. Heheheehe, oh she is fun, so much fun 🙂

    It’s cold here guys, it’s 2 celsius as I write this.
    Dramatic SIGH!

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