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Yesterday, I became an official member of the Waitakere Library. It is a measure of how sad/geeky my life is that I was thoroughly over-excited. (At least I’m easy to please.) Did you know you can hire books for FREE!!! Also magazines, CDs, DVDs and audio books; and members have access to online resources such as the Oxford English Dictionary and the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Things have changed in fifteen years. Back in the eighties, library books had cards inside the fly cover. My idea of a cracking time was getting out a book that had been checked out so many times the librarian had to replace its card with a new one. Or – even better – checking out a book with a brand new card (there wasn’t much to do in Limerick).

Now it’s all barcodes and plastic membership cards with your choice of any of twenty images and online accounts providing inspirational messages about returning items on time.

But the books still smell the same


Comments on: "Proud to be a library member" (3)

  1. Oh yes, we were only in our new town for a few days, surrounded by unpacked boxes and mussy suitcases and we went downtown to the library and got our cards and felt that no matter what, we would be OK.

  2. Love the last line – smells are so powerful, especially the memories they invoke.

  3. I had to smile over this. After a few years out of New Zealand, after a few years of scrimping some and never having the choice of purchasing a gazillion books, and then later of having pretty much no money while Belgium messed around for months over whether or not they would let me into the country … I finally found out that the library in the city of Antwerpen has a substantial English selection and oh the deep-seated pleasure in signing up and being able to choose books, and more books.

    It was an incredible experience and even more stunning, the library folk were nice to me even though I was a foreigner … that was a first in my experience of Belgian authorities, although that’s changed fairly much now and they’re becoming more pleasant generally. I guess they all know I’ve got a library card eh 😉

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