The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

In Dunedin, Husband procured a pair of radios for use on The Farm. This is because Agent of Death never answers his mobile. For some reason, The Goat Mistress thinks he will respond to a radio.

We’ve been having lots of fun testing them:-

“Mascara Chick calling Chunky Boy, come in Chunky Boy. Ten four three niner. I’m taking a bath splish splash. Over.”

Admittedly I’m enjoying it more than the others


Comments on: "Mascara Chick calling Rutting Goat over" (6)

  1. MarkJ said:

    I never thought id ask this but whatever happened to the dead bug in the candle?
    Did you discard it like your margarita mix – leaving it for some other soul to clean up ??? 😉

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    The bug is dead, Mark. It’s time to move on, get over it, live your life in the moment, not the past. But if you want to pay your respects, the bug is still embalmed in the citronella candle on the balcony x

    PS Love the pic

  3. The harsh reality of life communicated, I wish I hadn’t shared your margarita mix, and therefore would still have had some to drown my sorrows.


    Cant back that up – so over the bug. Fuck’m 🙂

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Wow, you got over that fast

  5. deadlyjelly said:


  6. solartap said:

    “Chunky boy”? Did you put that in the dedication for “Smart / Casual”?

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