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Me: Last night, I dreamed I made up the funniest joke in the world. Everybody laughed. I became quite famous.

Husband: Really? Do you remember the joke?

Me: Of course. I spent weeks if not months working on it: honing it, breaking it down and reconstructing it to finely crafted perfection.

Brett: Well, are you going to tell us?

Me: Ok-

Husband: Wait! What if I laugh so hard I fall off my bike?

Me: Good point. You’d better pull over.

Me: Ok. <to Brett> So, For this to really work, you need a girlfriend.

Brett: <rolls his eyes>

Me: Never mind, just imagine you have a girlfriend, all right? Ok. Knock knock.

Brett: Who’s there?

Me: Your girlfriend! PAHAHAHAHAAA!

Brett: My girlfriend who-

Me: No, no. YOUR GIRLFRIEND! That’s the joke!

Brett: What?

Husband: What?!

Me: Your girlfriend! See? She’s the joke! I know it’s a bit mean – but then, cutting edge humour often is-

Brett: Oh. My god.

Me: Look, you probably need an unimaginary girlfriend for maximum effect.

Comments on: "It was hilarious in my subconscious" (4)

  1. solartap said:

    Well, obviously you’ve got a corker there but i don’t think it is the “funniest in the world.” I say that cos this joke is the “funniest in the world”:

    A man walks into a Doctor’s office and says “Doctor, Doctor… my wife… she thinks she’s a chicken.”

    The Doctor jumps up and asks “So when did this occur, how long has she been like this?”

    And the man replies “Just over 16 years.”

    The Doctor stares rigidly at the man and asks “So why didn’t you come and see me about this sooner?”

    And the man replies “Because i needed the eggs.”


    Awesome eh?

    I know…

    All bow down before Zod.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I can state with absolute authority that that is a TERRIBLE joke

  3. solartap said:


  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Hardly. I first heard it in the playground when I was FOUR

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