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Getting freakier

Me: I had the weirdest dream last night-

Husband: Oh yes? What was it?

Me: Well, we had a baby daughter.

Husband: Aw, that’s nice-

Me: Yeah, except we asked Salmiya to babysit one night, and she pierced our baby’s tongue.

Husband: <speechless>

Me: Bitch.

Me: I mean, who pierces a six month old baby’s TONGUE?

It’s just as well I don’t dream much. I always wake up outraged about the imaginary grievances perpetrated on my subconscious self and/or offspring


Comments on: "Getting freakier" (3)

  1. I was already giggling some, I didn’t need to go back and giggle more over the link … but I did.

    Thank you. It’s a grey and drizzling day here in the flatlands.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    As you may be able to guess, Salmiya is a real character. She hasn’t had a chance to pierce my daughter’s tongue yet, but I’m sure if I had a daughter, Salmiya has the potential 🙂

  3. I’d probably just take her out and get her a tatoo.

    There ya go – mull on that tonight in your restless slumber…

    ….hmmm… I’m thinking tribal tats…….

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