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Me: Your Playstation III is kinda crap, isn’t it?

Husband: All right, that’s it. You’re not allowed to use it any more. What’s wrong with it, anyway?

Me: Well, it won’t play half our DVDs, or ‘Man on Wire’. And it’s not exactly user-friendly-

Husband: Oh yeah, it’s really complicated using a remote control to scroll through menus. Even an eight year old could use it-

Me: Really? So how come you spent half an hour crawling around the floor swearing at it last night?

Husband: Ok, now you’re DEFINITELY not using it


Comments on: "But it’s easier to swear at it" (2)

  1. Playstation – Evil. You’re better off avoiding it. But as I’m sure you know, “kinda crap” is never a safe thing to say to a guy about a gadget, even if it is true. You might as well say “What does the doctor say about that smell?”

  2. solartap said:

    Personally, i think Andrew is right and you are just being a technofraidy… or, to use the more common term, a “girl”.

    The PS3 is designed primarily to be a games machine and he is using it as a digital media hub with a PSP as a remote control and he is streaming audio/video from his PC. There are, inevitably, a few niggling technical issues that will need to be addressed but Rome was not built in a day.

    I can just imagine how it would have been if you were there with Neil Armstrong when he went to the moon:

    NA: “…. one giant step for mankind…”

    You: “It’s not really a very big step is it? And it is not like there is much to see up here is there?”

    NA: “Hmmm… get back in the shuttle then.”

    You: “In fact the moon is crap really, isn’t it?”

    NA: “Who asked you to come anyway?”

    You: “Well, if i had known it was gonna be this bland, i wouldn’t have bothered.”

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