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Jason: Scenario. Husband and Jed. Critically ill. Fatally diseased. You hold the antidote, but you only have one syringe. You can only save one.

Me: Does it have to be a syringe? Why can’t the antidote be in handy medicine form, like a pill or a suppositary? Actually on second thoughts, forget the suppository-

Jason: Quit stalling. Which one?

Me: Oh come on, it’s an impossible question-

Jason <relentless>: Which one? Which one?

Me <still struggling with the ethical dilemma>: Ok, Husband. But only because Jed isn’t fully versed in car maintenance yet


Comments on: "Why can’t antidotes come in pill format?" (5)

  1. solartap said:

    Let us just hope that Andrew doesn’t teach Jed any car maintenance tricks.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I think he’s fairly safe, since Jed is still struggling with the mental stamina required to sit on command

  3. solartap said:

    Yes, but have you managed to get Andrew to do that? I strongly suspect that you will get Jed to sit on his haunches and beg long before you teach Andrew to do the same. Of course, i might be wrong about that 😛

  4. I snorted through my nose, relaxed after wandering, forgot to prepare myself for a deadlyjelly post.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    HAHAHA! Solar, that is a valid point and impressively presented. In fact, Husband has never done anything on command 😀

    Di, great to see you again! Loving the photos you’re posting at yours these days x

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