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Photos from Karekare Beach yesterday:


What next?



Jed trains Husband to throw sticks (so far, he is making good progress).



We got Jed a few toys to distract him from our furniture. Not too many; there’s Ducky, which the Outlaws gave him; Spotso, which Jed gnaws even though it is supposed to be a heat-retaining comforter; a ball, which he has no interest in, possibly because it doesn’t squeak; and a rubber chicken, which – I admit it – was really more for me.

So it still amuses me how many hours Jed can spend playing with a stick.



We’re working on his carrying technique.



Guilt written all over him (difficult to see with this resolution).



Team effort: Husband and Jed dig a hole.



Jed sits.




Husband won, but only because he tripped Jed shortly after this shot.



Husband in imminent danger of losing shorts.



This sort of shot makes me wish I was a better photographer.



Sand art (artist unknown, although Jed added the paw print on the bottom left)


Comments on: "Snarfy Snuggle Monster" (2)

  1. Re :”This sort of shot makes me wish I was a better photographer.”

    This is where I step in and verbally slap you – the shot was sublime “you fool”.
    Don’t make me go all “Mr T” on you.
    So stop your jibber-jabbering right now! 🙂

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Well, BUT, in my memory, it is SO MUCH better than the photo. But thank you! You’re a sweetheart, in a totally manly way 😀

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