The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

You see? After swearing never to refer again to a single member subset of the genus canid, I have nothing to blog about. Outside Jed – OOPS! – my life is an arid wasteland of tedium, in no way resembling an enchanted kingdom or even an interesting and/or action packed environment.

The other day, Husband abandoned me again to return to Dubai. I think it is a temporary arrangement, although there is some question over exactly how temporary. We agreed three weeks (i.e. I said, ‘Three weeks is about the maximum I can live without your presence in my life, preferably two’, and Husband didn’t disagree. Admittedly, he said nothing at all apart from ‘What did he say?’ and that was much later and while watching a movie, although still falling within the period of time Husband deems acceptable to respond to a topic of conversation i.e. ten minutes).

To Husband, time is a fairly fluid concept, a handy tool he can apply with discretion to bend and shape a given situation. But I am hopeful there is a high probability I will see my husband again before Christmas 2011.

In the meantime, I am flying down to Oamaru to stay with The Outlaws. I can’t remember whether they invited me, or I invited myself. In any case, the result is much the same.

I have not booked a return flight or alternative means of transport home. It is so completely out of character for me that the flexibility, uncertainty and sheer recklessness of this open arrangement blows my mind when I think about it too hard. I feel intrepid, mysterious, daring and really quite anxious


Comments on: "My definition of daring" (14)

  1. solartap said:

    On the plus side, the fact that you have not booked a return flight makes it less likely that you will miss the flight back. I say “less likely” because, knowing of your extreme flight missing skills, i do not put this minor impediment beyond you. πŸ˜›

  2. solartap said:

    While i am tempted to accuse you of being a drama queen about Andrew taking a short trip to Dubai and coming back during April, i think you are spot on the money when it comes to “Andrew Time”. If i ever repeat a question to him before the 10 minute allowed response period has ended, i get dirty looks and a comment similar to: “I was just thinking, give me a nanosecond.” Of course, the dirty looks are not from Andrew but from passers by who are watching me beat my head into a wall.

  3. I wouldn’t even mention the fact that you’re actually abandoning me, if it wasn’t for the fact that I just have….

    Who is going to correct me when it comes to lesbian actresses in films now?


    You could at least left Jed for me to play with πŸ™‚

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    HAHAHA! Thanks for the vote of confidence, Solar.

    Mark, please feel free to continue to refer any questions or issues about lesbian actresses to me, via text message or mobile


  5. solartap said:

    This hardly seems inclusive. Why don’t we run all sex related questions through your blog? I mean, i need to keep up to date on all this stuff. πŸ˜›

  6. I’m liking this, you intrepid and mysterious woman! My in-laws haven’t taken me into that bear-like embrace that is so uniquely kiwi (or that’s the story I tell over here) so I am deeply envious of your ability to book an unspecified stay at the outlaws.

    Have fun.

  7. deadlyjelly said:

    I liken it more to a crocodile death-roll . . . no but SERIOUSLY they’re totally fab, as evidenced by the fact that a) I have no escape plan; and b) they don’t seem even vaguely worried by a)


  8. Well if my imaginary son were to bring you home I’d say, ‘Hell son, move back in and bring the highly entertaining and yet intellectually stunning Niamh …

    I guess that’s pretty much what’s going on down there huh?

    I’ve just sweated my way through fitting a polaroid filter onto my blog photo and then taught myself tricky downsizing and image sizing things in photoshop. I’m not really here waiting for you to answer. It’s just a relief to be pulled out of the land of ‘ ohmygod, I’msosimplesometimes’.

  9. deadlyjelly said:

    You froze my brain with the expression ‘polaroid filter’ πŸ˜€

  10. deadlyjelly said:

    By the way Solar, please feel free to run sex-related questions by this blog. I haven’t had an opportunity to censor comments yet and think I could REALLY get off on the power trip πŸ˜€


  11. I’m still thinking I need a second opinion with regard to Charlotte Rampling, but given your correct assertion regarding Saffron Burrows being in “Deep Blue Sea” , I’m loathe to ask for one…
    Life is so complex sometimes….

  12. deadlyjelly said:

    MarkJ, life would be so much simpler if you would only accept that I am always right.


  13. I’m all for simple.
    But I’ve been lied to so many times before πŸ™‚

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