The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

Oamaru’s Salvation Army ‘opportunity shop’ operates a donation system for toys.

I picked out three stuffed animals for my puppy in various stages of freshness and entirety. When I handed over $10, the volunteer responded as if I’d just given them the deeds to a building. If it’s a ploy to make people feel guilty, well, it worked. However, I didn’t feel good about stinging any more money from Mother-In-Law.

As far as degrees of evilness go, I’m sure scabbing the Salvation Army is several degrees worse than touching up my mother-in-law for $10. But the Salvation Army is unlikely to hunt me down and make me feel EVEN GUILTIER, whereas my mother-in-law by virtue of her proximity has significantly more potential for drowning my lifeforce in cess. Not that she would. I’m just saying.


Jed’s toys from L-R: Ducky, Your Pussy, Robot, McKenzie, and The Scatalogical Performing Artist Formerly Known As Squeak With A Hyphen.

Note: Jed only recognises Your Pussy when underlined with a dirty snigger.

This post is mainly for benefit of Husband, due back any day now (if that day is next Saturday 25th), so that he can acquaint himself with Jed’s toys. Because obviously, unless he says: ‘Jed! Fetch The Scatalogical Performing Artist Formerly Known As Squeak With A Hyphen!’, Jed won’t know what he’s on about


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