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Ode to My Puppy

Jed you are so cute and furry
Fetching sticks in such a hurry
Shredding them across the floor
Scoring scratches down the door
When you slobber, itch and snort
Juggle spiders for the sport
Dismember things because you can
You’re almost like a little man
But when I see you eating faeces
It’s clear you are a different species



Billabong dog



Jed guards stick






Jed makes friends easily


Comments on: "Ode to My Puppy" (7)

  1. 3 Jed haiku’s

    Oh how i love thee
    High pitched tones and dulcet smiles
    Throw the bloody stick!

    I watch you walk by
    Oblivious to it, girl
    Human flesh so tasty!

    I charm you always
    Never with a second thought
    Fool, I own you now 🙂

  2. solartap said:

    Oh, you haiku master you!

  3. I may have done a read-aloud session here at the apartment and was told, ‘that is so cute’.

    High praise indeed 😉

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    MarkJ – you have a rare talent. Seriously, if you cultivate and train it, you could take it all the way to the top and become an extreme haiku master, like Solartap.

    Di – I will take your word for it that I have just been granted a rare compliment. Although, HOW can someone describe a poem ending with ingesting faeces ‘cute’?

    Actually, my husband could (although he would probably press the word ‘nice’ into service), and yours, I assume 😀


  5. Actually Di was obviously referring to my haiku’s as cute Ms Shaw!!! 🙂


  6. Ok _ I cant back that up ….

  7. deadlyjelly said:



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