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Short and bitter

I would like to apologise for the trickle of blog posts lately. The reason for this is a mental cramp at the 80000 word mark on my second book.

People regularly ask how it is coming along. The most accurate response is a kind of hyperventilated scream. I suppose I’m getting there. The end is in sight. It is About Time. Not that I finish it – although I suppose you could say that if you were a particularly brusque sort of character – but the title.

Since there tends to be little creative energy left over for Deadlyjelly, I will steal from About Time and present to you, here, for the very first time, my favourite line from the entire book.

I am very proud of it and I sincerely hope you like it too.

Here it is:-

I took a moment to balance my fucking chi

Speaking of which, I’m going to go and do just that.

Please forgive me if my blog posts are short and sweet – or even short and bitter – for the next couple of weeks.

Normal reporting will commence soon.



Comments on: "Short and bitter" (7)

  1. ah, you have swung back into balance. See…no post about Jed. It feels bad, but really it is good.

  2. Well, LBD’s ‘stealth marketing’ campaign for Smart/Casual is working a treat. I’ve scoured Auckland – well, Borders anyway – and it’s listed on their computer! They can ‘special order’ it for me!

    Such fame, I guess you never dreamt of.

    Seriously, have you thought of organising a signing tour of the city? I bet if the bookshops knew you were a Local Figure, they’d market you on that basis.

  3. Mobilemark said:

    Whitcoulls also do it as a special order. Hopefully my copy will turn up before the weekend 🙂 . Im not going to rely on a cool signing tour to get my copy signed tho – im going to stake out flax cafe in a hope of catching this shaw chick unawares 🙂

  4. No worries, you’re forgiven but not forgotten … hmmm, that seems eerily familiar 😉

  5. hehe – Corrs song – apt indeed 🙂

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    ca: I am going to have to rectify that situation immediately 😀

    Vet: My parents have launched their own publicity campaign in Ireland, the basis of which is torching bookstores who don’t stock their daughter’s book. Thus inspired, I went into two bookshops here in Auckland to mumble about being a local author and would they like to stock my book? And both recommended I contact their head office and basically bug someone else NEXT! I believe Borders in NZ stocks the Little Black Dress range, so Smart/Casual should eventually make it to their shelf.

    MarkJ: there’s a good chance the Shaw chick will make an appearance (incognito) at Flax tomorrow 10am.

    Di: Once again, I cannot apologise enough – would you consider forgetting it as well as forgiving??


  7. There is no forgetting the blog persona that is DeadlyJelly so work through that mental cramp (red wine is a possible cure) so once you’re through it all, I will return looking for much laughter and witty stuff.

    Nice pick up Mark

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