The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

Since the Puppy Biscuit Freakshow, I have fed Jed an essentially raw food diet. He’s a big fan of fish, particularly tinned mackerel; loves chicken carcasses, necks and gizzards; savages veal bones and lamb flaps; and will take your arm off if tripe or offal is on the end of it.

I have been purchasing his food from a variety of places. Chicken necks and gizzards, and lamb flaps from Pak ‘N’ Save; lamb bones and chicken mince from Countdown; chicken carcasses and lamb neck chops from The Mad Butcher.

In the meantime, I have been researching more economical sources of dog food, since it costs more to feed my dog than Husband (although this may be because there is no longer any room in the freezer for Husband’s food). Also, Jed eats anything up to 2.5kg of meat a day.

No, that’s not a typo. He now weighs 30kg. I am concerned he is developing love handles.

Last week we purchased an ancient freezer on Trademe for $50. It came with a fridge, so Husband’s food bill is likely to increase significantly now that he has somewhere to store beer. We installed the two appliances in the garage.

Thus equipped, I spent $100 on approximately 60kg of assorted animal carcasses from Bombay Petfoods. The grub arrived this morning.

Here is Jed surveying a months supply of food:-

0905 Dogfood

The weather was not as soggy today, so we pootled around the yard for a while. Here are some more pics:-

0905 Jed stalks rock

Jed stalks a rock from his favourite spot in the yard: on top of the trailer.

0905 Husband considers a dogs life

So THIS is what a dog’s life looks like: Husband tries out the kennel run.

0905 He is a catch

Husband stalks wife.

0905 Jed and bone

Jed and his favourite type of bone: old, manky, preferably rancid.

0905 Jed shows bone who's boss

Jed gets to grip with bone


Comments on: "Preferably rancid" (5)

  1. Sigh, this is crap, I’ve been coming for days and nothing and while I’m sure you’re writing a book or doing something equally important, I do miss you and even worse! My details didn’t come up automatically so it must be some form of adoration that had me writing them all out again … sigh.

    Di xx

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    SORRY! I promise I’ll make it up to you, starting next week. My book must be submitted before Monday, or else it might never get done. I intend to take some time off and catch up on some blogging.


  3. Oh God! I didn’t know … ignore me and good luck 🙂 I’ll hang round for years, it’s okay.

  4. cianor said:

    Good Luck with the Monday deadline. I did get around to reading Smart Casual. People were giving me funny looks on the bus to work as every now and then I would burst out laughing… …come on people ‘signing somebody up for daily porn by fax’ is just too funny…

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi Di! Yeah, my brain is melting here (just hope it doesn’t damage my laptop). Of course I won’t ignore you; I am chuffed you still check the blog, especially since the activity has been so poor. I’m sure I’ve lost a few regulars 😦

    Cianor, great to hear from you, and thrilled you enjoyed Smart Casual. You’re in good company; my Man Friend Ronan was required to read the book. He overcame the threat to his manhood, but said it was touch and go 😀


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