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So here’s how it went down:-

MarkJ*: You know The Bridges of Madison County? The film? Well, there’s this scene-

Me: Shocking movie.

MarkJ: Um, well, I suppose**. Anyway, there’s this scene where- this lovely moment- where Meryl Streep’s† character, she’s on the phone, and she- she rests her hand quietly on Clint Eastwood’s shoulder. It’s the first time they touch††, and it’s- laying your hand on someone’s shoulder, it’s very intimate‡; and it’s a small gesture, but so deep; it speaks volumes about their feelings for one another.

Me: But you know, I think it would have been better- you know, deeper– if she’d STRADDLED him.

MarkJ: <chokes on tea>

* MarkJ totally stole my blog post, so I’m stealing it back, along with the picture

090707 Bridges of Madison County

** It distresses me to report that the usually discerning MarkJ did not categorically condemn The Bridges of Madison County as a a pus-filled boil on the botoxed face of Hollywood

† God, I can’t stand her

†† It is actually NOT the first time they touch. That would be when Clint – the horny old goat – gropes Meryl’s leg in his pickup

‡ It was his SHOULDER, not his g-spot


Comments on: "The Turgefest of Madison County" (6)

  1. I quite like her, I have to admit. But she was past dreadful in the Mamma Mia turgefest.

  2. I liked her in “Postcards from the Edge”, although you’ll probably hate it due to Meryl singing (at the end) and the distinct lack of straddling on her part….

    And as for liking/hating the film – i saw it in the movies when it came out many years ago… tastes change, and I’m probably a lot more cynical these days….

    I remember thinking she was a fool to go back to her hubby, but what do I know 🙂

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Lesley, there are times – RARE occasions – where I don’t want to poke Meryl’s eye out with a stick. I think true hate settled like a wet, mouldy, rank, blanket upon my soul in the wake of the Mamma Mia turgefest. GOD, wasn’t she HORRIFIC?

    MarkJ, Meryl should never, ever sing. I don’t know who told the woman it would be okay. She should retire her lungs permanently – like concrete shoes permanently. I don’t think Meryl ripping out her own vocal chords is too extreme a response to the warble horror she has inflicted upon the world. If she had any common decency she would.


  4. mumsie said:

    Never mind the movie turgefest – which I thought highly forgettable and an insult to the book. Read the book, and if you are not moved it must be a generational thing.


  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Ok see, I found the book emotionally manipulative – although it did move me enough to try line dancing. But I WAS moved by Gone With The Wind, and The Shipping News.


  6. mumsie said:

    Thanks for the comment. I’d began to wonder if it was only us oldies who droled over “Brief Encounter” that were moved by it.

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