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Me: JohnO, I’m sorry if this comes as a shock to your self-image, but you are not humble.

JohnO: Oh come on! I’m certainly not- what’s the opposite of humble?

Me: Arrogant?

JohnO: I’m not arrogant-

Haze: Well, plenty of people have called you an arrogant prick.

JohnO: I suppose.

Me: And let’s face it, how many people have called you a HUMBLE prick?

JohnO: . . .

Me: Exactly.

I give JohnO a hard time, but only because I care.

And he deserves it.


Comments on: "Destructing character (chainsaw optional)" (5)

  1. Am thinking the opposite of humble is “too proud”. Hubris?

    But then again I always thought you hated “Mama Mia” until I saw the Australian cast signed DVD on your kitchen table today….for you mum perhaps????? 😉

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I got it for you – to join your Battlestar Galactica cast signed photos, screensaver, and framed picture of Kara Thrace.


    PS I bet you have Battlestar Galactica mugs too, don’t you? 😛

  3. You cut me deep Shrek – you cut me deep.

    Doney (Shrek Part 1)

  4. It’s better now than later … you can tell JohnO, ‘cruel to be kind and all that’. My Belgian husband needed me years ago, without me his arrogance has reached monstrous proportions and I’m thinking of buying a taser …

    Yes, JohnO doesn’t know it yet but he has every reason to be grateful for you, as long as he’s younger than perhaps 30, 35 at a stretch.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Yeah, um, he’s 40.


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