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This morning on TVNZ, the breakfast show featured Lego Robotics. For a mere $500, you get the combined versatility of lego building systems with an intelligent microcomputer featuring a 32 bit microprocessor, a large matrix display, 4 input and 3 output ports, and Bluetooth and USB communication link. Three interactive servo motors, an ultrasonic sensor, two touch sensors and a colour sensor are included, in case you feel your child is not nerdy enough.

Lego has evidently come a long way from the time when anything other than an eight pin building block in one of the primary colours was considered innovative.

Her Goatiness: I don’t understand why children need all this stuff these days. When MY kids were little, they were quite happy with a stick and a box covered in mud. You didn’t have to spend $500 on presents. You could wrap up a rock; kept them occupied all day. I remember when Andy got a little tool set *sigh!* He sawed the leg off his high chair.

Let that be a lesson to us all. Husband did not spring into this world fully formed as an agent of destruction. No, the seeds were sown long ago.

Now it is I who reap the rewards.



Comments on: "Fertilising the seeds of destruction" (3)

  1. Cian said:

    Her Goatiness: I don’t understand why children need all this stuff these days.

    Well they don’t – We should not spending that much on presents for kids anyway. (Back in the good olde days) I was getting a PlayDesk from Santa. I was so excited as this Desk was going to go to school with me (Obviously I would sit in it) and it could do my homework for me (I was six at the time). I was rather dissapointed on Christmas Day when it was a little too small and made from red and white plastic. I then knew that it was not going to do my homework either. Whoops – I have digressed!

    But lets be honest there are a lot of us out there in our thirties who want to re-live (most of, well some of) our childhood again and play with Lego. Lego has done their Market Research and they know that a lot of purchases are made for adults!!

    I just checked their website and they have a Milennium Falcon for 660euro! That is so not for kids…


    p.s. when you visit the outlaws are you subjected to photo albums?

  2. Mr Deadjelly’s exploits as a minor were anything but, it seems.

    I can feel a Bro’mance coming on 🙂

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – so sorry about your tragic experience with the Playdesk. Sounds like it affected you for the rest of your life and the disappointment still resonates.

    If it doesn’t, it should: feel the anger! Let it out!

    There, feel better?

    MarkJ – I had a vanilla childhood. At least, I never sawed the leg off MY highchair.


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