The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

Finally, the photographic evidence:-

090824 By the river

Husband risks life and limb.

090824 Husband and Jed

So I’m not sure what Husband was up to in this shot. He was either winding up for a rousing chorus of ‘I’m Every Woman’, or he might have been stretching.

090824 Jed and tree

Jed gets to grip with a tree.

090824 Wet dog

If there is any body of water in the vicinity, you can be pretty sure Jed will be straight in there.

090824 Still wet

More like a drowned rat.

090824 Contemplation

Jed considers his career prospects. Something outdoors, maybe in the forestry industry.

090824 Dusk

Dusk by the sea.

090824 Mt Ruapehu

I would hazard a guess this is Mount Ruapehu and a tufty rock. I should really write these things down (well, the tufty rock is obvious).

090824 Snow

Husband tries to talk Jed into sledding.

090824 Digdigdig

Background: mountains;
Foreground: Jed’s arse, as he attempts to tunnel to Ireland. He gave up after three feet.

090824 Floppy ear

Puppy strikes a pose.

090824 Husband

Husband works up a smile of sorts.

090824 Evening cloud

Evening closed as we drove north to Turangi, and I looked back to see Mount Ruapehu stalked by great banks of cloud.

090824 Mountains

Another one which doesn’t quite translate to print. We took a quick detour up Kaimanawa Road so that Husband could complain how cold it was at The Pillars of Hercules. This was the view at the T-junction giving back onto SH1.

090824 Sunset


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