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Action shots

090917 Whee

New Zealand is casting off the shackles of winter and making a naked dash for the summer border. Our puppy/dog is entering fully into the spirit of spring – although it helps when he has Ball.

090917 Pre jump

Jed lines up Ball.

090917 Bat ears

Jed engages the bat ears to assist retrieval.

090917 Batdog

It’s getting away!

090917 It's getting away

So yes he can jump.

090917 Full tilt

Two seconds before a wet dog travelling at high velocity took out my legs


Comments on: "Action shots" (6)

  1. psst…Word to the wise – Jed was stuffed years ago and Niamh is an absolute wiz at photoshop… but my lips are sealed!

  2. Cian said:

    It is to shattering to think of those Photos being doctored. She may be a wizard at PS, but how did she manage those videos? Perhaps they are from the archive or he was stuffed with decent robotics. That could explain the recent Dubai trip by Husband. Perhaps he was on a procurement mission.

    I shall from this day forth consider myself a member of the unwise. To accept the truth would be too much…

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Hey guys – if you are, in fact, ‘guys’ as opposed to web hologram conspiracy theorists – it sounds a lot easier to maintain a real live dog 😀


  4. Cian said:

    Thanks Deadlyjelly! I can see you taking the easier option. By the way are you any particular flavour? or does it just change depending on the mood, time of day etc?

    Some might say I am a pathetic excuse for a guy – but at least I am one. I think that Mark recently had an avatar with two heads – so he actually could be a hologram – some strange energy surge caused the head split (either that or cheap offshore programming)

  5. Love the action shots. Nice work, Ms Dj.

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    Thank you! They do make me laugh, although there’s not much artistry involved – although I do like the reflection and shadow on the last shot. Carefully staged, I’ll have you know ;-D


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