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090317 Porn star dog

So, you know how Jed recently blew away the competition to take the World’s Best Dog title? Well, here is your opportunity to own some of his genes. From the same breeder and parentage as The Esteemed Jedster:

Red curly coat retriever puppies

AREN’T THEY JUST THE CUTEST ITTY BITTY LITTLE FLUFFY THINGS YOU’VE EVER SEEN?! I’m working on Husband to get a playmate for Jed. I particularly like the little fella third from left, who reminds me of my late paternal grandmother – although I might have to find another angle to convince him

Comments on: "AWW!" (3)

  1. Cian said:

    You put Aww and that Photo together. You really are mad. When I first saw it, I thought – OMG what happened to Jed? Maybe Mark was telling the truth after all and this was then incident that led to the stuffing.

    Then I saw your clever subtle naming of the Photo (you’re good- I’m impressed) and my eyes were drawn to his nether regions, which really is not a pretty sight.

    As for the puppies for Sale – I think I have fallen for the one fourth from left (third from right). I was not sure whether the caption on the photo should have been – Test your IQ – How many Puppies can you see? But they are all gorgeous.

    Perhaps you could treat home like a restaurant for a day for Husband? But based on previous posts you might get a backlash for doing that. You’ll be accused of using and abusing him.

    But really do you need an excuse? You are Niamh! That should be reason enough and of course Jed would love the company and if he is on his own he could be socially inept. So by not getting one you are doing a disservice to your humble self AND Jed. And by doing a disservice to yourself, you are also doing a disservice to Husband. So essentially if you do not get a new playmate you’re just being cruel and mean to Husband. We can’t have that now can we?

  2. I sometimes wonder if Jed actually thinks his name is PORNSTAR


  3. deadlyjelly said:

    It is one of the many aliases he goes by 😀


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