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Smart/Casual has shot up to #9 on the best-seller list for the week ending September 2009. Ok, I’m still not sure to WHERE this best seller list applies. The whole of Malaysia? Kuala Lumpur? Seri Kembangan? The bookshop on the corner of Jelan Besar and Jelan Utama?

Oh, whatever, I don’t care. Any list in which I compete with Stephanie Myer, John Grisham and Tony Parsons has to be good (Dan Brown doesn’t count).  Never mind that I’ve beaten Sophie Kinsella into the #10 slot.

At this rate, Smart/Casual should hit #1 by 2017 (assuming optimal weather conditions and a natural decline in the popularity of vampire literature)


Comments on: "Still kicking ass in Kuala Lumpur" (7)

  1. Dammit, specially if you have rotten fans like me, who haven’t bought the book yet. Forgive me, I don’t have the credit card wotsit and so I organise Gert but my organising skills are rubbish so … I should have it before Christmas and I’ll blog you xx

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I see . . . the old credit card wotsit excuse. Well, because it’s you, I’ll let you get away with it 😀 Speaking of mutual support (actually, I’m not sure if you were, but I am), better get my ass over to dimackey and see what you’ve been up to.


  3. Cian said:

    Oh – and how exciting. Amazon have a date for “About Time” – 29th of April. It sounds like it wil be fun too. Conn might be super-intelligent, super-geeky, and super-emotionally-inept, but is he super hunky?

    According to your bio, you are still caring for your ailing Siamese Fighting Fish. Poor Siamese Fighting Fish. I think Jed is feeling sad that he is not part of the bio yet.

    I have it on good authority that congrats are really in order on that list. I know that a certain Ms. Ahern was in number 11 or lower. Ha Ha!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I’ve ordered it and am awaiting delivery, all tense and expectant-like.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – OF COURSE Conn is super-hunky! My contract with LBD specifies that all my male heros must exhibit high hunk-factor.

    Unfortunately, ‘Siamese Fighting Fish’ sounds more exotic than ‘dog’, so the fish stays. There you have it: the ugly truth about the sordid underbelly of the writing business.

    As for my curious presence on the best selling list, long may it last. Sadly, I checked the list for the month ending 9 October, and Smart/Casual does not feature.

    Anti – I hope you enjoy it, and thank you! After a strong start, the sales figures have been in a decline. Maybe your purchase will kick-start them again 😀


  6. Kicking ass on tooo. There are some furry favourable customer reviews on there – did you write them all yourself?

  7. deadlyjelly said:

    Haha – NO! But I did bribe two of them, and the third is a friend of a friend – oh hey, woah! I don’t know the last reviewer at all! And she gave S/C five stars. COOL!

    Speaking of cool, how’s Ireland treating you?


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