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Me: Can you go a bit slower, PLEASE?

Husband: Sure (eases up infinitesimally on the accelerator).

Me: I mean, I don’t mind you tearing along the straights, although this road is pretty narrow. But I’d prefer you didn’t go charging around the bends-

Husband: But they’re just straight bits that aren’t quite as straight.

Me: GAH!


Comments on: "Husband’s definition of corners" (3)

  1. Despite my dirty rotten stinkin’ absence, you’re still hilariously excellent.

    Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been busy, veering towards working insanely long hours on very little food at times, and while (I hope) my blog posts don’t reflect this, you can take it ‘as fact’ because of my clear absence and deriliction of comment duty (a pleasure more than an actual duty) here over on your fabulous excellent blog.


  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Di! Great to hear from you! Hope you are happy busy, not skull-imploding stressed. I’ve been up to much of the same and guilty of neglect too; will wander over and check out your amazing photos sometime. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, love


  3. MobileMark said:

    Andrew drives like a little girl on an L plate. 🙂

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