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Yep, that one’s still jingling around my skull, which – you might be interested to know – has the same acoustic effect as the shower.

Apart from the cacophony that is my cranium, our Christmas was a quiet affair. No exploding fairy lights, high-volume Slade or heated arguments over pudding portions. There was a bit of crackling, but it was more of the crispy pork fat variety.

For me, Christmas in New Zealand continues to be a surreal experience – and more so with the parents issuing regular updates from Ireland which was in the grip of the coldest winter on record. Of course, the Middle East was hardly a winter wonderland at this time of year – or even any other time of year – but December was the chilliest month. If you turned the A/C right down, it was cool enough to wear a scarf and drink mulled wine.

West Auckland apparently hit 34 degrees on Christmas Day, so the coldest we got was a light swelter.

Generally I have proved hugely adaptable to Kiwi culture, bending like an all-black in a spear tackle to the various concepts of: perky nana bars, boiling mud, black sand, honesty boxes, the right hand rule.

But I’m not sure I will ever get used to celebrating Christmas in the middle of summer.


Comments on: "Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day!" (7)

  1. You should try Dunedin – I could elaborate, but the locals might string me up for mentioning the weather. Nope – nothing to see hear but warm sunny days – move along please….

  2. Eye have know eye deer why i typed hear instead of hair … (scythe) 😦

  3. Cian said:

    You’ve proved highly adaptable to the right hand rule… Well let’s see the proof of that please. 🙂

    Well we celebrate Summer Christmas around July, and I am looking forward to making it Winter Christmas if we get down under. So add it to your calendar. You get presents and cards (although fewer than real Christmas). Of course for you, you would have to buy your own cards- that being one of your responsibilities. But at least you would/should get the presents.

    Did Jed get something nice for Christmas? I heard a rumor that he really wants a Summer Christmas and you can’t disapoint him now can you?

    The latest Weather Update is that it is 0 at the moment, but feels like -5 and is partly cloudy.

    Perky Nana bars – Labelling legistlation is obviously not up to EU Standards. Who would want to buy a bar with a grandmother in it esp. a perky one. Baby Oil – fair enough, Perky Nana Bars – I think not.

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    MarkJ – I’ve heard Dunedin is a hostile environment with the most savage weather of any place on earth. Do you not think your suggestion is a little extreme?


  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – proof? Two cars in perfect nick sitting in the garage. Some day I will record the squealing of brakes as drivers behind me try to stop as I legally give way.

    We did celebrate ‘Little Christmas’ in July last year. I made mulled wine, drank serious amounts of it. I got a washbag. It was nice. Pink.

    It’s just that real Christmas feels so bizarre here; carols playing on the radio while the sun splits the stones outside. I just like to have something to bitch about.

    For Christmas, Jed got a pig’s ear, two ‘tuff’ balls which are supposedly indestructible but showing signs of stress, and a bright orange squeaky toy called ‘Monkey’. I’ll try to get a photo of him savaging – I mean, cuddling up to Monkey.

    When I say I’ve adapted to Perky Nana Bars, I coexist with them and generally deny their existence. They are brutal: banana flavoured caramel. I’ve nothing against caramel, or bananas, but banana flavour is an abomination against nature, a freak-fest of E numbers. Almost as bad as Pinky Bars – caramel with marshmallow. Just weird and very, very wrong.


  6. Cian said:

    Pinky Bars – I know I was on Cadbury’s Website (obviously I was rather busy at the time). There is tonnes of junk not available over here. Since chocolate (and potatoes if we feel healthy (vegetable)) is the national foodstuff here – I’m surprised that they have not made there way to our shores yet.

    I remember Cherry Ripes in Oz but it seems Cadburys gone into overdrive in NZ. Either that or they have had 1 too many acquisitions over there.

    I like the way ‘you have to have something to bitch about’. Well in all fairness you are still Irish deep-down and that is our national pastime.

    Regarding the Right Hand Rule – adaptable – yes I guess so, accepting – perhaps and hopefully not. (You should never accept it – It is just plain stupid)

  7. deadlyjelly said:

    Cherry Ripes? Sounds foul.

    I will never accept the right hand rule. Husband tried to defend it the other day. I can’t remember his argument because, obviously, it was bollox. It nearly got violent.


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