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I said, “So, I’m thinking of making blue cheese and walnut soufflés for dinner.”

I was vigilant about mentioning the blue cheese, since Andrew is only intermittently tolerant of the stuff. However, I was relatively confident his tolerance would embrace soufflé. I mean, who doesn’t like soufflé?

Indeed, when Husband heard the word ‘soufflé’, it appeared to result in retrospective amnesia. Because later, when I removed the softened blue cheese from the microwave, he said, “Eee-ew. Stinks. What’s THAT for?”

“The soufflé,” I said shortly.

“Ugh,” says Yer Man. “You didn’t tell me it was a blue cheese soufflé-”

I interrupted the extensive soufflé preparation to fix him with a glare, and snarled, “I DID TELL you- I specifically said- it’s a blue cheese and walnut soufflé. I was as explicit as I could get fully clothed-”

“You KNOW I don’t like blue cheese-”

“But you do sometimes!” I cried despairingly, waving the whisk at him. “I have to resort to TALKING to you about WHEN you like it, and even THAT doesn’t work!”

“Sorry, baby,” said Andrew solicitously. “Listen, I won’t have soufflé. I’ll just gnaw my lamb chop.”

“I just spent the last forty minutes preparing this-”

“I know. Sorry. <mutter> KNOW I don’t like blue cheese.”

“<mutter> Arse.”

Apparently – and I believe this – married women don’t live as long as single women. Earlier this evening I actually felt five years slough off my lifeline. In fact, by my calculations, I only have a couple of minutes left to live. If this is my last post ever, you know what happened to me. In the meantime, I’d better type fast.

I had blue cheese and walnut soufflé for dinner, with a rocket salad and red pepper vinaigrette.

Here is what Andrew turned down:

Blue cheese and walnut souffle and rocket salad with red pepper vinaigrette

Sorry about the composition. The excuses: 1/ I am not yet practised in night photography 2/ it's a close up because I didn't want you noticing the tyreprints and scorch marks on the tablecloth 3/ I was distracted by greed

If you’re interested, the soufflé recipe is courtesy of Epicurious, here


Comments on: "Blue cheese & walnut souffle" (8)

  1. The salad looks delish! (and you know my feelings about rocket being a faux-salad of the highest order).

    Please don’t die before I get back – you promised me drink(s) – and I really want to see your efforts with the pizza stone before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

    So after the weekend with the dying already!


  2. Cian said:

    I am going to second the salad looking really great. I’m actually getting hungry looking at it as long as I pretend that the other object on the plate (can’t bring myself to call it what it is) is some form of a pie.

    I’m with Husband on the subject of Blue Cheese. I think that the lesson to be learned is do not feed the men Blue Cheese. It will also keep you alive longer in order to torment Andrew with other stuff… Surely that in itself is worth living longer. Thoughts of that should add years to your life, so I am sure it will all balance out in the long run.

    If you are already left this earth, besides being sad to see you leave, can somebody over there please tell Andrew to bury the other soufflé with you, or is that a step too far?

  3. I HATE blue cheese, but I would eat your souffle!
    It is BEAUTIFUL and my mouth is watering.

  4. Don’t listen to Cian. Blue cheese is the food of the gods. When they’re not mainlining anchovies and spinach, at least. Your souffle looks way better than the one I tried to make last week, but to be honest Jed’s dead duck looked better than that.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Still alive – bonus!

    Believe it or not, I myself am naturally conflicted about blue cheese. For many years, I was convinced it was my natural enemy and loathed the substance accordingly. Then Solar ( dared me to eat blue cheese on a digestive biscuit and when I got over the shock of surviving the experience, I reluctantly decided it was not so bad.

    That said, some principles are worth standing by, and my stance on goats cheese will NEVER change.

    MarkJ – I will try to prevail beyond the weekend; I wouldn’t do it for anyone else. I am touched by your comments on the salad. However, don’t fool yourself: there are no boiled eggs hidden under the leaves.

    Cian – Andrew actually tried a bite of the second souffle tonight, and grudgingly concurred it was delicious . . . except for the aftertaste of blue cheese. He didn’t retch though, which I am hopeful is a sign that I am inexorably undermining his resistance. I ate the rest of the souffle, so it is no longer on this planet except in the form of methane gas.

    Ca – thank you! I applaud your attitude. I was rather hoping Husband might be similarly inspired, but he’s stubborn.

    Vet – if the gods threw a dinner party, Andrew would be calling into KFC on the way home. I look forward to hearing how you get on with the blue cheese and walnut souffle – it was my first souffle outing so I’m not entirely sure, but it seemed pretty easy, if that’s not too much pressure.


  6. Cian said:

    KFC! – I’d rather eat the bloody souffle!! New Years resolution – eat some Blue Cheese before the month is out….

  7. deadlyjelly said:

    You can do it! Just a little slice on a digestive biscuit . . .

  8. Cian said:

    So last week I asked other half if we have blue cheese? Was told Yes, but that it was very mild and therefore not very nice. So I was given a slab (which I proceeded to quarter) and a cheese cracker. It actually was not that bad – perhaps a little bland even.

    Maybe next week I might even move up to a more pungent one. Not sure that I am going to like it – but one day at a time…

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