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Driving down the road the other day, we eased past a clump of cars crammed onto the verge.

Me: Look! One of our neighbours must be having a party. Why weren’t we invited? We’re nice people, aren’t we?

Husband: I think so.

Me: I think so too! What a suckfest. Hey – you know what we should do? We should have a party – and NOT INVITE ANYONE.

Husband: Great idea – oh hey, we already did! NOBODY CAME!


Husband: Yeah!

Me: Yeah.


Comments on: "Getting on with the neighbours" (6)

  1. Allan&Chanelle&Jack said:

    Ok, that finally confirms you’ve both been living in the bush far too long! Seek help. 😛

    Oh.. and Happy New Year to you both too!

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Well, we could always move.

    Duck! Did we forget to wish you Happy New Year? Sorry. We might not have expressed it, but we seriously, intently hoped you would have a happy new year. Can I take this opportunity to wish you Happy Anniversary, and Merry Christmas for 2010? Phew. Glad that’s sorted, it’s such a pressure being sociable.

    Oh hey by the way, how the heck are you?


  3. Allan&Chanelle&Jack said:

    We’re all good Niamhie. Had a nice break over the last few weeks. Went up to Central to see the folks etc. Now back into the dreaded work ritual again.. which I’m over already!

    Fortunately for Chanelle, today was her last day of (paid) work. Of course, soon it will just be more work, no pay AND sleepless nights! You’ve got to wonder why we do it.

    So how are you guys getting on? You must be due for a trip down south again at some stage. We’re not going far for obvious reasons.


  4. Hey – I wasn’t there in spirit!

  5. By the by – when are you going to write about our best experience ever? I mean the whole theme of redemption – after failing you so many times I finally come up with the goods!

    I feel as pleased as punch I was there to see it – and the fact that “Face Off” is no longer your most favorite movie EVER is obviously something more people should celebrate.

    So come on … more posts about my brilliance thank you very much !!!

    P.S. I’m never taking you to the movies again 🙂

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    I suppose you might as well quit while you’re ahead 😀


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