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‘No pets’ notwithstanding, the landlady agreed to make an exception for Jed. I think she was won over by the photo of him looking like a movie star not dissimilar to Johnny Depp.

Curly coat retriever

He's not usually cross eyed.

I didn’t send her the glamour shot.

After that, the only question that remained was whether Marlborough had Enough Technology™ to entice Andrew to move. I’m uncertain as to how much exactly constitutes Enough Technology™, but it took Andrew a week to verify the existence of Enough Technology™.

Last Monday week, I embarked on a diplomatic mission to view the house and meet our prospective landlords. The most economical way to get to Blenheim was to fly into Christchurch, hire a car, and drive the 5½ hours north.

The house and surrounds are stunning. It sits on 15 acres of land which plunges dramatically down to the sea. All you can see for miles is sea, sky and an unpopulated forested peninsula across the bay.

Within 20 minutes of meeting Landlord and Landlady – fearful of another applicant bursting in the front door demonstrating their reliability, superior dusting technique and lack of dog – I had signed the tenancy contract.

So far, we have been incredibly lucky with our landlords. Considering Landlord and Landlady fed and watered me and put me up for the night, I think it safe to presume our luck will continue.

Unfortunately, the two days I spent there were quite overcast, so the photos I took inside the house didn’t come out well.

Showing them to Husband upon my return:-

Me: There’s a heated towel rail!

Husband: Oh wow! Is the view like this all the way around?

Me: Yes, and there’s a towel rail, which is heated.

Husband: The living room looks quite large.

Me: It is-

Husband: That’s a picture of the drive, is it?

Me: Yes. I think those are marigolds-

Husband: What the hell is THAT?

Me: What do you think it is? It’s a towel rail. I took a photo of it. To show you.

Me: It’s heated, you know.


Comments on: "Enough Technology™" (4)

  1. So you’re working on the theory that “Enough TechnologyTM” means “enough to heat a towel rail”?

    Now I’m having a mental image of your towel rail connected to a pipes, plumbed through 20 kilometres of Marlborough rock to a boiler chamber where a crack team of Oompa-Loompas sweat day and night to keep your towels dry. But I’m guessing that wouldn’t be “Enough” for Andrew.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    I don’t think Oompa Loompas feature in Husband’s definition of ‘Technology’, never mind his elysian ideal of Enough Technology™.

    Personally I don’t care how many Oompa-Loompas’ oompan rights are violated in the pursuit of warm, dry towels.


  3. […] from home, he needs an office which can accommodate Excessive Technology™ (a recent upgrade from Enough Technology™), and nothing we viewed offered anything appropriate for Husband’s office that wasn’t […]

  4. […] RE Agent even kicked the dog (although admittedly it was after Jed had spent a good five minutes checking their crotch for contraband, and then worried their pleather […]

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