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Irish directions

Me: So tell me about this short cut.

Peace Love Punk (a.k.a. my little brother): Ok, so when you get to the road, you don’t turn left-

Me: Right.

Peace Love Punk: Exactly. So. Now. You cycle up the road and maybe 20 metres there’s a turning on the left into an estate, so you take that, and another 20 metres on you come to a green patch with a path across it on the diagonal – what’s that? On the right, I suppose. Big patch of green. So take the path; and when the path turns into a road, take the first left, go down the hill and the road bends around to the right and then there’s a short path that links two estates and you take that, and you come out on another road which kind of twists around a bit, but you go straight, and you come out behind Centra.

Peace Love Punk: You can’t go wrong.

Me: Ok, now I’m REALLY nervous.

Peace Love Punk: You’ll be grand. You can’t miss it.

Me: All right, so, I turn right out- up the road. Go 20 metres. Left into the estate. Right onto the path across the green which turns into a road, and then go down the hill and around a bend-

Peace Love Punk: No, take the first left, THEN down the hill and around the bend.

Me: And then I can’t miss it.

Peace Love Punk: Tell you what, let me just get me bike-

Me: Thanks.


Comments on: "Irish directions" (3)

  1. mumsie said:

    Delightfully Irish – pure poetry

    I’ve only been to Ireland twice on short visits and that was nearly 30 years ago! But I loved it, particularly the wild, bleak country between Galway and Connemara.

    Some of our favourite stage plays are also Irish e.g. `Playboy of the Western World’, `Dancing at Lughnasa’, not forgetting JB Shaw and Oscar Wilde. I also loved the movie `Angela’s Ashes’ and got the book. There is something about the Irish – maybe it is all those soft days.

    Do enjoy your visit!


  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Oh I love Connemara too. Naturally, I hated it when I was a kid, probably because my father always insisted on camping. It always rained.

    We’re getting a couple of soft days here at the moment 😀


  3. Rattus Rattus said:

    You have such a way with words, I’m seriously jealous. Looking forward to seeing you again.

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