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On Thursday, my father and I launched an expedition on Carauntoohil. We didn’t quite make the top. Can I blame it on my father? No wait – it was the weather. Yes, that’s more loyal. Also, potentially more true.

Thick cloud rested on the top of all the Reeks, although it lifted marginally as the morning wore on. A fairly serious track has been cleared from the farmhouse at the head of the Black Valley and we followed it to Curraghmore Lake. We turned back halfway up the slope to the saddle ridge linking Carrauntoohil with Cnoc na Péiste. You might say we were vanquished by dangerously violent sheep.

Also I fell off a stile.

Dad gets ready


Hello? Is that the horoscope hotline? I'd like to check my horoscope for today, specifically as related to heights. Oh, you don't- hey, is this a recording?


Big boulder


Deadlyjelly negotiates the rockery


Resting up at Curraghmore Lake


Dad leaning against Rock Art


Looking down into the Bridia Valley


Rolf Harris

Comments on: "Tie me kangaroo down" (12)

  1. Cian said:

    I’ve always loved the name “Cnoc na Péiste” – Hill of Worms for the non-Gaelgoirs. Some other great names in the area – Hag’s Tooth and Hag’s Glen.

    It is today four years ago that i climbed Carrauntoohil. I did it via Caher and I found it a bit hairy in places – I’m petrified by heights though. Must check out the weather for the rest of the weekend to see if I can get out somewhere up here.

    Enjoy Kerry- I hope the stile was more damaged than you. Then again I am really hoping you brought it with you to use as a weapon against Rolf Harris (the real one) just in case you meet him – crimes against humanity ‘n’ all that.

  2. deadlyjelly said:

    You did Carauntoohil the hard way; it only gets longer if you take in Beenkeeragh for the full loop. The ridge between Cahir and Carauntoohil is mildly hairy. I remember walking it once and mist was boiling up over the edge like a hellfire. That side has a bit of a slant.

    For xxx rated, full-on porno hair (shoulders) you should give the Cumeen na Péiste ridge a go. Lots of rock scrambling. Andrew and I muddled around it two years ago:

    Let’s do it on Monday if the weather holds. Come on I dare you.


  3. Thought the names were all wrong … but understanding was slow in coming 🙂 I shall continue with the catching up …

  4. Cian said:

    Half of me would love to take you up on the dare just to see your face. But then the other half says that your flight is probably tomorrow so I would get there on Monday and I would be all alone. I could see you doing that…

    Besides my passport is currently with the Australian High Commission and as you know us Corkonians need one to get into the Kingdom.

    And also I am totally scared of heights. I mean it took me about 6 months of crossing pedestrian bridges before I was confident that i was not going to be blown through the gaps. I would not be fun to be with.

    p.s. I hope that the mention of passport does not send you into a frenzy searching for yours.

  5. MarkJ said:

    Lov’n the hat.

    And the stripey jumper.

    But mostly loving how home always brings out your inner geek 🙂 x

  6. Rattus Rattus said:

    Carauntoohil looks really beautiful, although I would concede Deadly Jelly in a rubber suit is probably sexier, if not as geekish, as the hat and stripey jumper. That rock art looks like a menhir, but I think I’m geographically challenged. Hope the trip home is uneventful.

  7. MarkJ said:

    Rattus –

    I’m afraid in this case I positively out-kinked you. A rubber suit may be fine and dandy, but a stripped jumper – well that’s an entirely different ball game, especially when coupled with a woolen hat, and a bright yellow chicken suit.

    All my best.

    Mark . 🙂

  8. deadlyjelly said:

    What’s this about the geeky hat? That hat is the height of fashion. Or I’m sure it was, somewhere. Maybe in Moldovia circa 1979. But it keeps the sun out of my eyes AND my hair out of my face. And the jumper is my mum’s, so be careful what you say. Because she could totally hurt you.


  9. MarkJ said:

    I’m thinking bringing your mother into this conversation at this late juncture borders on highly inappropriate!


  10. Rattus Rattus said:

    I know I’m temporally, musically and geographically challenged, but just what the heck is Rolf Harris doing here?

  11. MarkJ said:

    Post Dammit!

  12. deadlyjelly said:

    Inappropriate but highly effective sort of like a maternal scud missile.

    Rattus, we won’t hold those disadvantages against you.

    MarkJ: OK, OK! SO DEMANDING. See you in Auckland next weekend?


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