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My dog was so delighted to see me again, he couldn’t stop farting. I was – literally – overwhelmed. Jed’s been quite content without us for a month, but he’s stuck fairly close since my return. 

Jed tries out stunt snout

Jed and pig's ear

We’re driving home from Oamaru to Blenheim on Sunday, stopping in Christchurch enroute to pick up a breadmachine. With any luck, Husband should be back in the country by 1 July, and is threatening to ride his motorbike home from Auckland, but only if it isn’t raining.




Comments on: "Farting as expression of affection" (3)

  1. MarkJ said:

    I’m in Christchurch/Dunedin/Christchurch from the 30th til the 7th – so if Andrew wants his bike I’ll arrange for a key for him.

    Just let me know luv 🙂

  2. JohnP said:

    We are all (with the probable exception of the goats) looking forward to seeing you in the Bay again. It’s been very quiet… The road is real-good, having been graded and rolled a while back. The weather is crap, cold and wet. The least it could do is snow and produce something interesting.

    You might reconsider your vegetarian stance once you see the damage the goats have inflicted. There is one less pig in the world as of last week, but not from your place (well, could be – they get around a bit). There is a deer, but not sure where he is at the moment. Loves Arthropodiums (lily-type thing). Possums have been quiet, too wet. A few bunny rabbits out and about, but we suspect most of them are busy doing what rabbits do best. Andrew better get onto that gun licence, huh?

    We missed you both….

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Hi there! Great to hear from you. I’m driving back from Oamaru tomorrow. I can’t wait to get home, I feel like I’ve been away for years!

    Not looking forward to assessing the goat damage; it sounds as if I’ll have to put aside Monday morning to shovelling goat shit off the drive! At least with Jake The Enforcer, I’m not so worried about psychopathic goats.

    Depending on the status of unpacking, I might call in Monday to catch up and scab a cup of tea 😀


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