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Communication by telephone>

Husband: I’ve been playing with my new mobile-

Me: Oh, tell me about it-

Husband: Well, I’ve been downloading applications.

Me: Really? Like what?

Husband: Well, there’s a compass application, so I know where I’m pointed. And there’s a level; I’ll be able to hang pictures WITH MY PHONE! And – woah, this is cool – Google Sky; I can point my phone at the sky and it’ll tell me which stars are which- and there’s a golf score card- ooh, and a bar code scanner, which tells you which item is cheapest.

Husband: <faint spatter of drool hitting receiver>

So basically what I heard is that Andrew will be taking over the grocery shopping from now on.


Comments on: "What is the stars" (3)

  1. mumsie said:

    Make sure to give him a grocery list though!

  2. Cian said:

    Whereas at the end of it I would have heard – Oh well let’s hope that the compass enables you to make a swift getaway in the right direction when I clobber you with it.

    Mind you that Google Sky sounds fairly neat.

  3. Point your phone at the sky and it tells you what the stars are… that’s got to be just about the neatest idea ever. Almost makes me want to buy a phone that could do it. But not quite.

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