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We’ve had a couple of spectacular crispy days here, so I gradually reintroduced Andrew to exercise by hauling him up Mt Robertson on his second day home. Mt Robertson is about 1030m high, and a four and a half hour round trip from Port Underwood Road at perspiring pace. That includes a half-hour stop for a packed lunch.

Andrew: <mumble, mumble> the bag?

Me: Well, it’s a bit late since I’ve already carried it all the way up-

Andrew: No, I said, will I DO UP the bag?

Me: Oh. I thought you said, will I TAKE the bag?

Andrew: No.

Me: Right.

Jed takes a bath. Note the ice on the right.


Sometimes being brown is a bonus - for instance, it camouflages the mud. If you can't make it out, Jed is absolutely filthy here.


At the top I distracted Andrew by asking him what altitude it was. Then I ran around naked.


When I say, 'Smile', this is what happens - which is why it doesn't happen a lot.


Comments on: "I carried the bag" (5)

  1. mumsie said:

    Considering how jetlagged Andrew must have been I think he shows a most beautiful smile. I’m glad you’ve got him back!


  2. Cian said:

    As my mother (or any Irish person really) would say – What do ya want? A medal? When I was younger I walked to school four miles each way and I had no shoes. Maybe the latter part was just my mother, but the rest stands.

    I’m loving the sign at Picton airport. Somehow or another I can see you actually parking on the runway – you know on one of those days where you do not get your way and you arrive at the airport 10 minutes before the flight leaves.

  3. MarkJ said:

    I just cant help but wonder if there were biscuits in that damn bag! Andrew smile makes him look like he needs one!

  4. JohnP said:

    My father used to plough that paddock the Picton Airport resides on (it’s in Koromiko, actually, a farming area). It started its current life as an air strip, unsealed. If you saw it, you would understand the ‘No Parking’ sign – the delineation between driving, walking and flying space is not exactly clear-cut.

    Jelly: when I told non-smiling Andrew there was a power cut today (Wed 14), I was wrong (a not-uncommon experience). It’s next week – Wednesday (21st), or Thursday 22nd if Wednesday is wet. Makes planning real-easy. You might plan something that doesn’t use power for the day… 🙂

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    Mumsie – by my definition, that’s more a grimace than a smile. HERE’S a smile 😀

    Cian – hey! WHAT A COINCIDENCE! My mother used to walk four miles to school every day barefoot. The only difference was that she had to tramp through snow.

    MarkJ – no, but I think a shot of bourbon might have helped.

    JohnP – haha, sounds like Picton Airport doesn’t look much different now! Thanks for the heads-up on the power outage. Not sure what Andrew will do for work, but I’m sure he’ll sort it out.


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