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I win

Andrew: Coldplay.

Me: Er.

Me: Cream.

Andrew: Crowded House.

Me: C- C- Chaka Khan.

Andrew: Counting Crows.

Me: <sound of brain racking>

Andrew: Time’s up!

Me: Aw, give me another minute-

Andrew: No.

Me: All right, all RIGHT! 2-1 to you. Ok, D. Duran Duran-

Andrew: I’m bored. I win.

Me: What? You don’t just- you can’t make up the rules like that! The game’s not over!

Andrew: When’s it over?

Me: When we get to ‘Z’ or, alternatively, I win.

Andrew: Best of three, I win!

Me: You do NOT! If you refuse to come up with an artist beginning with ‘D’ you- you FORFEIT! You’re DISQUALIFIED!

Andrew: Let’s play something more interesting. How about . . . car models that start with ‘A’. I’ll go first: Alpha Romeo.

Me: I’m not- that’s crap-

Andrew: Do you give up?

Me: NO, because I refuse to engage in a game which is so weighted in your favour, not to mention TEDIOUS. I want to play a game where I have at least a fair or even unfair chance of winning. I will absolutely not be drawn into this.


Andrew: Heh heh heh.

Husband, I would invite you to please note:-

On any reputable game show, you would not have been allowed Harry McConnick Junior, and the point would have been rightly awarded to me for supplying the correct name.

American rapper and actor Ice-T is a renowned and entirely valid artist.

Grease lizard Julio Iglesias is spelled with a ‘J’, NOT a ‘H’ OR a ‘K’.

The artist not known as Laura Jones.

Did you mean THIS Leo Speedwagon?

The High Llamas are often affectionately referred to as ‘The Llamas’ by their loyal fans, of which I AM ONE despite being unable to name any of their singles.

The renowned and entirely valid artist, LL Cool J.

Also, POPULAR British indie pop band from the 80s, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions.

The Canadian singer, composer, harpist, accordionist and pianist, Loreena McKennitt.

Scottish singer-songwriter, actress and television personality Lulu.



Comments on: "I win" (8)

  1. Cian said:

    Actually I think you won that when he said “Coldplay” How can they be counted as an valid artist? If somebody tries to argue that point otherwise I refer them to Gwyneth. Chris likes Gwyneth – enough said. But then again Lulu…

    p.s. A quick scan of other half’s music collection also yields Lamb, Lambchop, Liz Phair, Laura Viers, Lindsey Buckingham, LEONARD COHEN, just in case he ever wants a rematch.

  2. Lenny Kravitz. Lionel Richie. Leanne Rimes. Lee Marvin (hey, he had a hit record, he qualifies). Lovin’ Spoonful. Lupe Fiasco. I’m proud to say that my record collection includes none of these, but slightly disturbed that I could recall all their names within a mere 20 minutes of work-avoidance.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – you are SO RIGHT, he should have been disqualified, and banned for a year. I only threw in Lulu when I was really stuck, before I dreamed up The Llamas, who actually turned out to be a bone fide band! Who’d’ve thought? Unfortunately, the rule was that, in the event of an artist’s validity being challenged by the opponent, you had to name one of their singles 😦

    Vet – well, it’s ALL VERY EASY from the comfort of your laptop, with a coffee refill to hand. But you try it when negotiating a 25kph bend on the coast road north of Kaikoura trying to come up with a fictional biog for The Llamas.


  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Oh AND, Edwin Starr sang the song ‘War’, which was also covered by The Temptations and Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band. It was at no point covered by Frankie Goes To Hollywood.


  5. solartap said: – That would be FGTH covering War – poo bar!

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    That cover is TERRIBLE. I feel like my ears have been raped.

    However, I concede that, yes, at some point, it was covered by Frankie Goes To Hollywood – although I wish with every fibre of my being and some of the fibres of Andrew’s ratty old shorts that it wasn’t.

    That doesn’t change the fact that ‘War’ was Edwin Starr’s signature anthem, which Husband disallowed because he’d never heard of Edwin Starr – despite it being on our Roadtrip Playlist.

    Husband still accuses me of cheating, even though the slo-mo replays CLEARLY show I completely spanked him.


  7. Cian said:

    That Husband of yours! Please get out the handcuffs from behind the shoeboxes in your wardrobe (Nice Jimmy Choos by the way), and lock andrew to a chair and sit him in front of the following video:

    Once you start the video you will need to leave the room, and you have about 10 seconds to do that before the torture begins.

    He can never ever again accuse you of cheating!

    p.s. could you move the camera in the corner of the bedroom over a tad so that I get a better view. (Okay – stalker alert!)

  8. deadlyjelly said:

    I’ve never heard Coldplay sound better! That video is too funny 😀


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