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Sitting here in Port Underwood on a sullen day, with mist shrouding the peninsula and the sea a chilly slate-grey, it is hard to believe that these photos were taken just over a month ago, in Ireland coming into summer.

All pictures are courtesy of the Wednesday Walking Group’s photographer, El Bruno.

I would like to point out that I did not buy the t-shirt, and only wear it for its sentimental value because a dear friend gave it to me. Also because I don't have any more. MarkJ, can you get me another? Preferably one that doesn't inspire strangers to approach me in the street and whisper, "I'm totally with you, that Angerlina Jolly is a slut." In fact, a t-shirt that would compel strangers to buy me coffee would be ideal. Thanks.

In addition to being a photographer, El Bruno is also a Frustrated Rock God - but then aren't we all?


Waterfall off the Old Kenmare Road: This is me contemplating the beauty of nature, whether my t-shirt covers my arse, and whether it matters since I'm sitting down.


The Wednesday Walkers (subset) L-R: Ann, Claudia, Niamh, Eileen.

I'm not sure I was on this walk, but I like this picture because you see the dude on the rock? The one with the ski-pole and two false hips? That's my dad; and I love the way he's perched up there, because that is so completely HIM.


L-R: Eileen, Claudia and Dad

Comments on: "Late breaking pics" (16)

  1. Cian said:

    I’ll have a quiet word with MarkJ and get him to get you one with “Hey I’m easy – just buy me a coffee…”. On the back I think it should say “…for a double espresso I’ll even go all the way”. I’m thinking that should do the trick.

  2. solartap said:

    Oh hell yes, i want one of those t-shirts.

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – I’m flattered, but I think my sex appeal is broken. Or maybe it’s just decrepit with age. That said, I always get chatted up by an ugly man on airplanes, although that’s of limited use since the coffee is not only free it’s also crap. I suppose I don’t mind if an ugly man buys me coffee. I’m basically a whore for the stuff.

    Solartap – well, mine’s in use. If you chat up MarkJ he might get you one, but I gotta warn you: there was a double espresso involved.


  4. Cian said:

    Yeah but those men on airplanes are more likely to throw/spill the coffee over you aswell. I think that is a big no no for joining the mile high club.

    Actually perhaps they do it to see if you are going to take your t-shirt off. Yes that must be it. So I think that your sex appeal must still be riding high.

  5. deadlyjelly said:

    The throwing is a recent development. I can honestly say that episode was the first time I have suffered such a mishap, apart from the time I ended up with a glass of red wine down my front. That was hurled by, er, me.


  6. MarkJ said:

    As I recall I could only get the team Aniston ones becasue the Team Jolie ones were sold out 🙂

    That, and I was being supremely ironic – obviously 🙂

    As an added plus I’m pretty sure Jolie would also never shag John Mayer …

    Will look for a “Team Paltrow” T-shirt. I feel that most people, upon seeing that, would just take your hand and lead you to the nearest coffee shop, where over a single shot soy latte they would gently explain why you were so wrong to wear it.

    Either that or they’d stone you right off – if so, sorry my bad 🙂

  7. solartap said:

    No, no, no…. how can anyone think i would be Team Aniston, i’m not 12. It’s Team Jolie all the way… and twice on Sundays.

    I was referring to Cian’s t-shirt, the one with “…for a double espresso I’ll even go all the way” on the back. Because you so know i would 🙂

    As for Team Paltrow, bah, i only went to see Iron Man 2 because i read that she got punched in the face … by Iron Man… twice! I was very disappointed when it did not happen.

  8. MarkJ said:

    Saw a Aniston DVD collection at the warehouse today for $16.99. Thought it would make a lovely Xmas prezzie for DeadlyJelly, however upon reading the 5 titles of TRASH contained within, I quickly realised I couldn’t be responsible for her committing seppuku on the varnished floors of her new home.

    So – sending Sliding Doors and the Great Expectations remake DVD’s instead (being “much” the lesser of two evils)


  9. Cian said:

    MarkJ – you’ll be sliding once she belts you with that DVD if you give it to her a gift. So it might be a good idea to post it to her instead. I pity the poor postman the following day he arrives.

  10. Cian said:

    If I won the lottery I would consider getting her a signed pic of Gwynnie and Brad.×10-photo-W-W-PSA-DNA-/330420182313

    But then again 350USD for that – I would be rich, but not bonkers.

    MarkJ – Do you think she looks hot now?

    I mean WTF is she wearing?

  11. Cian said:

    My latest comment is “Awaiting Moderation”. Looks like you cannot openly bitch about Paltrow. WordPress I’m not impressed. Are you on her payroll?

  12. MarkJ said:

    Personally I really cant comment…..


    I don’t know her personally, and given the medias penchant for contextually ambiguous soundbites, I’m not sure if she’s as bad as they portray her.

    So until she screws me over I’ll give her, and others, the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway – to be honest I only wind up Niamh about Gwyneth because “she” cant stand her. That doesn’t make me a bad person – does it? 🙂

  13. JohnP said:

    No risk to the postman; no post or courier out here.
    This really is the boondocks.

    Want your mail? Drive 45 minutes on rough road, collect it, then drive 45 minutes back.

    Mind you, plenty of time to listen to a CD….

  14. Cian said:

    45 minutes to get post. You’re waiting on a nice package and you get there and all you get is your Credit Card Bill and Electricity Bill. Now that would be mean. But I kind of like that isolation.

    MarkJ – that makes you a good person. The Irish thrive on slagging. Of course we prefer to be the giver but from time to time we don’t mind receiving either.

  15. MarkJ said:

    Dont you guys think it’s odd that Niamh’s not commenting on this thread 🙂

  16. Cian said:

    Looks like she stopped posting when you mentioned “Paltrow”. So she either has a “Paltrow” Toolbar blocker (so she cannot see these comments anymore), or she was too bored on the content to comment.

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