The deadliest, jelliest site ever. Brought to you by Niamh Shaw

Me: NO!

Me: Sorry. It’s just that, Jed’s not allowed to widdle on cars.

Me: The rule is: he’s not allowed to widdle on anything man-made.

Andrew: Am I man-made? Because I don’t want him weeing on my leg.

Meep: Ahem. Woman-made.

The point may have been arguable, but neither man present was about to take on a woman who has incubated fully formed humans.


Comments on: "The power of woman" (4)

  1. JohnP said:


  2. deadlyjelly said:

    Why, thank you I think 😀

    Three days later they were a bit chewy, though.


  3. MarkJ said:

    Although totally ok to pee on a jelly fish sting – right?

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Ugh! No! I’ve never had a jellyfish sting bad enough to warrant THAT. Wee is for wimps. Unless it’s a deadlyjellyfish sting – but that generally calls for more direct intervention.


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