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Valuable lesson

Husband: Do you have any spare AAA batteries?

Me: Eh? What would I be doing with batteries? You’re the battery man.

Husband: Well, I don’t have any because when I went to buy some the other day, you told me they were too expensive-

Me: YOU decided you could get cheaper batteries-

Husband: Well, now I have no batteries and my keyboard won’t work. I can’t type.

Me: What do you want me to do about it?

Husband: Well- your headphones; you don’t use the noise cancelling feature, do you?

Me: I DO! Sometimes!

Husband: What about right now?

Me: Well, no- BUT, the last time- I lent you my memory card out of my camera so you could take photos of the MR2 and the next time I tried to use my camera I couldn’t because instead of putting the card back in the camera, you had tossed it in a box.

Me: Have you learned something from this?

Husband: Oh, yes.

Me: You’re just SAYING THAT- ok, WHAT have you learned?

Husband: I’ve learned that when I ask to borrow something, it is my RESPONSIBILITY to replace it so that whoever was KIND ENOUGH to lend it to me is not INCONVENIENCED in any way by my not giving it back.

Me: Wow- you’ve really learned a lot. Ok then, here’s the battery out of my headpho-

Husband: There’s only ONE BATTERY?

Husband: That’s no <expletive deleted> good!



Comments on: "Valuable lesson" (4)

  1. mumsie said:

    Lucky you, living in a quiet area and rarely feeling the need for noise cancelling headphones!
    Andrew seems to have learned his lesson very well, or is he an outstanding liar?


  2. You want us to believe, or Andrew wants you to believe, that among his humungous pile of electronic stuff, he doesn’t have such a thing as a spare keyboard, one that doesn’t need batteries?

    It may be the start of a campaign to justify buying an iPad. Watch out for that.

  3. Cian said:

    Valuable Lesson for Husband eh? No matter that he finally gave the correct answer with appropriate emphasis where required, he still does not get his way. Poor Husband 😦

  4. deadlyjelly said:

    Mumsie – I suspect it was a short-lived lesson; at least, I have no confidence in him putting it into practice 😀

    Vet – ooh, thanks for the heads-up!

    Cian – I’m resigned to the fact that the valuable lesson was mine 😦

    The following day, I drove into town and bought him two bumper packs of batteries. Despite the propaganda regularly broadcasted on Deadlyjelly, Husband has me well trained.


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