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Fuzzy radio

For the last week, we’ve enjoyed being together, at home, getting some routine back into our lives. The routine bit might sound mundane, but that’s the sort of people we are when we’re not living on the edge dicing with death and/or staring down danger.

You haven’t heard much from me in the last while because my daily quotient of creative energy has been directed elsewhere, in order of priority: my third novel, and thinking up insulting yet affectionate pet names for my dog.

You haven’t missed much. The highlight of my week was joining Marlborough District Libraries and checking out fifteen books. I was so over-excited I had to lie down on the sofa for a while. About four hours.

Bit of bad news: recently, the only radio station we can tune is The Breeze. Listening to this oestrogen-centric confection of Dionne Warwick; Shania Twain; The Creepy One what’s her name again? Celine Dion; Eric Carmen in his shiny leopard-print big-shoulder phase; and The Back Street Boys; it’s like being bludgeoned to death with a lavender scented pillow.

If I die under mysterious circumstances, the only clue being the blood coming out my ears – and, of course, the whiff of lavender – you’ll know The Rock or Radio Hauraki is still fuzzy tomorrow morning.

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  1. Cian said:

    Would Satellite Radio be an option for you? I ask as opposed to tell because really I do not know what Satellite Radio is. My Dad was (maybe still is) a great listener to short-wave radio. Perhaps Satellite Radio is the short-wave of the.. ..oh bugger what did we agree to call the 2010s – tennies? That sounds stupid. Oh bugger it all – it’s too difficult.

    I think that it is easier for me to scrap the above and say “Let’s hope you get your radio reception back in peak performance asap.”

    As for having to listen Eric Carmen – I’ll just have to get you Dirty Dancing on DVD for Christmas or at least his best of album (aka blank cd). I expect the anger to build up inside for approx. 2-3 seconds and for you to hurl the dvd as far as you can – I’m thinking it will land in the Tasman.

    Names for Jed. Ahem. Are these more porn-star names or is he branching out? You have to at least share a couple of them.

  2. Have you tried Internet radio? A very good radio player can be had from here:

  3. deadlyjelly said:

    Cian – satellite radio? I’m afraid I’m going to have to ignore that suggestion, for roughly the same reasons. Thanks for the offer of Dirty Dancing DVD – but I already have it! Yes, a limited edition, director’s cut, with – pricelessly – footage of the Dirty Dancing concert, where Eric Carmen makes an appearance in some fluroescent makeup, a string vest, shoulder-padded shiny leopard-print jacket rolled up to the elbows, stonewashed drainpipes, and sneakers. Seriously, any anger build-up is more than offset by the comedy value.

    Jed’s most recent pet-name is Flintstone. Reasons unknown.

    Forest Green – I used to listen to Irish Radio 2FM and online. However, we’re now limited to a TRICKLE of monthly bandwidth (8Gb, but Husband’s VoIP savages that, leaving me with a ration of about 2Kb). I’m not even allowed to THINK about YouTube 😦 But ta for the suggestion.


  4. Cian said:

    Flintstone is a great name 🙂 Lovin’ that.

  5. mumsie said:

    Having seen him on photos and videos I prefer Jed to Flintstone any day. At the same time I’d love to see the list of alternative names for your adorable pouch!

  6. deadlyjelly said:

    Actually, I thought I’d done a blog post on the Jed’s aliases, but it appears not; what an oversight! The list of pseudonyms is a constantly organic, evolving entity, but here are some that have lasted the course. Jed also answers (or, more accurately, rolls over and licks his arse) to:

    Floppy Chops / Slobber Chops
    Fluppy Puppy
    Hairy Monster
    Meatbreath / Tripeface
    Smoochy Pooch
    Snoggy dog
    Snarfy Snuggle Bug
    The Flopster
    Who Da Dog
    You Little Shit (usually accompanied by airborne missile)


  7. mumsie said:

    So I think he is a Snoggy dog, at least he looks like one. Thanks a lot for letting us share your endearments for the Jedster.


  8. deadlyjelly said:

    We mainly use Floppy Chops or The Flopster, but I used the last one this morning when he spat a tennis ball down my top.


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